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Swim with Konfidence




Konfidence, Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of premium swimming products for babies and children, has unveiled a unique new range of UV clothing.  The collection comprises long-sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve sun suits, shorts, and legionnaire style hats for children aged six months to 14 years.

Konfidence is excited about the new range because it uses a material called PBT. PBT is already used in high-end sportswear because of its extraordinary properties and Konfidence now leads the way in using the inherent benefits of this material in the design of children’s UV clothing.

Try the reusable one-size-fits-all AquaNappy from Konfidence for anxiety-free trips to the swimming pool.


Triple Protection

Designed by Konfidence in partnership with swim schools and parents, the AquaNappy features a unique triple-layered design with elasticated leg openings. It has a durable polycotton outer, a recycled plastic middle barrier layer and a soft protective inner that sits next to the baby’s skin.  It is an all in one product so there is no need to wear another nappy underneath; the AquaNappy IS the swim nappy making it simple to use and almost impossible to make a mistake when fitting it.


Snug one size fit

The AquaNappy features an adjustable Velcro sash and poppers, offering a ‘one-size for all option’ for babies aged from three to thirty months.  As baby grows, the fastening feature allows parents / carers to adjust the product in or out and create a comfortable snug and secure fit every time.  The fact that you only need one nappy from the age of three months to almost three years makes the AquaNappy extremely good value, as well as eco-friendly.   And, if you are going on holiday the swim pant is far more convenient to pack than bulky disposables.


Stylish Design

The AquaNappy range offers a choice of six stylish designs including two new colours added for 2011 – red and pink polka dot.   It can also be teamed up with Konfidence’s best selling Babywarma® – a soft neoprene wetsuit that enables babies to stay warmer in the swimming pool for much longer than would be possible without it.



Mechanically strong, PBT is perfect for body-huggable clothing, and when compared to lycra, it is proven to retain its shape for longer, is far more chlorine resistant and able to maintain a greater consistency in its UBF 40+ protection rating over the life of the garment.


For ease of use, PBT is also quick-drying which means it is great for both in and out of the water – removing the need to dry little ones to prevent chills.  Plus the sun suits for ages 6-12, 12-18 and 18-24 months incorporate crotch poppers to make nappy changing as easy as it can be.


The fabric is lighter too, and does not pull or snag like lycra when it comes into contact with rough surfaces, i.e. on the beach or in the garden – a key point for children, especially those too young to take special care of a lycra suit.


Andrew Regan, Founder of Konfidence, said; “PBT is made from a slightly thicker material making it ideal for children’s UV clothing because it is less prone to stretching and will last and protect for longer, offering parent’s best value for money.”


Konfidence launches the new colour co-ordinated range, which can be worn in or out of the water, in a choice of three bright and stylish colourways – nautical/cyan; dark pink/soft pink; and cyan/white.





The number of babies being taken to swimming pools is booming in the UK, with parents taking even the smallest of infants for a swim.   Estimates suggest that as many as 100,000 babies and infants visit a pool every week with their mum and dad.


Now Konfidence, the UK’s leading designer of premium baby and child swimwear, has responded to this increased demand by extending its best-selling Babywarma® pool wetsuit to include premature/tiny baby size.  The Babywarma® is a flexible 2mm-thick, soft neoprene wetsuit that enables babies to stay warmer in the swimming pool for much longer than would be possible without it


Andrew Regan, Managing Director of Konfidence, said: “Parents have told us they want to take even the smallest babies to the pool, but want the safety and reassurance of our Babywarma® wetsuit. We were only too happy to oblige because we understand the importance of introducing babies to the water at the earliest opportunity.”


The introduction of the new size is just one innovation introduced by the specialist swimwear firm for 2011. It has also extended its Babywarma® collection to include a new fastening option, and stylish new colour-ways.


The new and improved hidden flap design, is not only more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for baby, but allows parents to keep a firmer grip on their child in the water.  Andrew confirms; “The fastening on the Babywarma® is an extremely important feature.  As baby grows and his/her shape naturally changes as they start crawling and walking, it offers mum the flexibility to adjust the suit in or out and create a comfortable snug fit every time.  This also serves to enhance the product’s performance.”   As a result this new ‘hidden flap’ design is also now available in the 12-24 month sized Babywarma® wetsuit.


The Babywarma® also opens flat to allow quick nappy changes and works perfectly with the Konfidence range of adjustable and reusable Aquanappies, that fit from three to 30 months approx, and Nappicovas™, their unique soft neoprene covering that goes over swim nappies for double protection, offering peace of mind.  This double layer nappy system is now mandatory at many public swimming pools, and offers parents a quick, convenient and no fuss solution.


Konfidence has also added to the colour range for all sizes to feature four new stylish shades – gold/nautical, nautical/aqua, fuchsia/pink and red/yellow – all fashionably finished off with Konfidence’s trademark “swoosh” branding.

Andrew said: “These innovations, sizing changes and new colours have been developed because we listen carefully to what teachers and parents say about our products.


“And because we sell a complete range of co-ordinated accessories that keep babies and children warm in the water we know that they look fabulous, too.”


Konfidence has been delivering quality products that offer value for money, safety and comfort since 1998, thanks to its strong partnership with swimming teachers and parents across the country.


Swimming with Poundland

Although it is baby swim week this week many parents of babies also have a toddler in tow. Being that bit older it can sometimes be more difficult to get a toddler into the water feeling confident and being safe.

Arm bands and rubber rings are widely used by parents but many toddlers don’t like the feel of them on their arms or round their middle but we seem to have found the answer!

We were kindly sent some character armbands and rubber rings from Poundland. Caitlyn liked the Barbie ones and George the Ben10 ones.

Even though we weren’t swimming they both wanted them blown up straight away so they could use them – it did make me chuckle when they were used in the bath and the paddling pool.

Katy commented that normally George refuses to wear arm bands but was over the moon with the Ben10 ones and now routinely wears them in the bath.

The arm bands and rings are made of a good quality plastic and are fun and attractive.

What we liked:

  • Characters appeal to toddlers
  • Good quality plastic
  • Very good value for money

Would be even better if:

We can’t think of anything to improve these. They do what you expect, at a price you just can’t go wrong with.


Reasons To Take Your Baby Swimming – Baby Swim Week from 20th June

Do you know the benefits of teaching your baby to swim?

Leading swimming expert Laura Molloy explains why
every baby should learn this vital skill

Swimbabes is one of the leading providers of baby swim classes in the UK. Founder and qualified Swim Instructor Laura Molloy has been teaching babies and toddlers to swim for the last eight years and believes every baby should learn so they are equipped with vital survival skills that will stay with them for life. Here, Laura explains the benefits of getting your child in to the water at an early age.

Introducing babies to water helps avoid the traumatic experience that older children sometimes suffer around water. Little ones who learn key life saving skills have a greater regard for water and are safer around it – with many able to swim by as young as two years old.


It’s natural for parents to feel anxious the first time they let their baby go in the water, but don’t worry; babies have a natural affinity with water as it is a free environment for them. Our inborn ‘gag reflex’ is generally strongest up to six months old and it’s this gag reflex that enables babies to hold their breath underwater naturally, providing a gentle introduction to submersion. Young babies also have primitive swimming stroke actions and can propel themselves through the water easily. Baby swim classes will build upon these natural reflexes and enable your baby to be completely happy moving in and through the water.


The ability to swim from a young age is certainly a gift for life which opens the door for your little one to enjoy other water-based activities, from waterskiing to sailing to diving. Introducing babies to swimming improves their physical, emotional and social development plus enhances their intellect and language skills.


Physical strength is built through muscle development; early swimming allows use of muscles that baby cannot yet use on dry land, which can aid early walking. Co-ordination and associated motor skills are also improved through regular exercise, not to mention it being a good workout that will strengthen the heart and lungs.


Emotional contact is pivotal to water confidence. When children are introduced to water from a young age they feel safe and secure within it. It familiarises babies with deep water and gives them the confidence to swim below the water level. Weekly swimming is also special one-to-one time for a baby and parent where they can have fun with no interruptions.


Social skills abound at baby swim sessions. Little swimmers are constantly interacting with adults, other babies and children and it allows parents to socialise with each other too. These unique swimming sessions can develop special relationships, which are looked forward to each week.


Interacting with other babies and children will also help little ones develop their language skills. Baby swim classes are structured and use building blocks based around your baby’s own development – this constant stimulation helps to improve your baby’s intelligence too.


The journey to good swimming takes a lot of practice and patience. Every child will achieve the goals in their own time and should not be rushed or forced into activities they are not ready for. Children should be encouraged to find swimming fun, with creative activities that help to develop early motor skills and promote water confidence.


Swimbabes teach more than 1600 babies to swim each week, across the north of England. They take babies from as young as four weeks old and each course lasts for 10 weeks, with a structured programme consisting of a wide range of skills including swim to hold on, safe jumps, underwater turns and being able to paddle across the pool independently while taking regular breaths. For more information, to visit the Swimbabes shop or to book on to a course visit



Baby Swim Week – Guest Blog by Sara

This week is National baby swim week w/c 20th June 2011 and so I thought it would be appropriate to include some themed product reviews, expert info and personal experiences relating to swimming with babies and toddlers.

Toby loves swimming – he can, at times, be rather noisy when swimming! He likes to sing at the top of his voice splash the water (and anyone anywhere near him) and kick his legs madly. At other times he likes to just relax and bob about.

I didn’t take Toby swimming until he was about 4 months old as I was a little nervous about how to go about doing it on my own. I wanted our first swim to be at a time when my husband was around just incase all hell broke loose! After chatting to some of my friends with similar aged babies I received what I think was some great advice!

  1. Take a Bumbo seat (or similar) particularly if swimming on your own with baby, as it provides a safe, waterproof place for baby to sit while you get in and out of the pool and while you get changed
  2. Take two towels for baby. One for getting out of the pool and to the changing room to prevent baby screaming because they are cold (and for getting soaked by the swim nappy) and one for drying baby with ready to get dressed
  3. Use disposable swim nappies and a pair of swimming shorts / pants for double protection!


I am now confident to take Toby swimming alone and try to do so once a week. It completely wears him out so I have to make sure I get him out of the water before he gets too tired otherwise he doesn’t understand that mummy needs to get dressed too and likes to scream for milk as soon as he is dressed!