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Baby Swim Week – Guest Blog by Sara

This week is National baby swim week w/c 20th June 2011 and so I thought it would be appropriate to include some themed product reviews, expert info and personal experiences relating to swimming with babies and toddlers.

Toby loves swimming – he can, at times, be rather noisy when swimming! He likes to sing at the top of his voice splash the water (and anyone anywhere near him) and kick his legs madly. At other times he likes to just relax and bob about.

I didn’t take Toby swimming until he was about 4 months old as I was a little nervous about how to go about doing it on my own. I wanted our first swim to be at a time when my husband was around just incase all hell broke loose! After chatting to some of my friends with similar aged babies I received what I think was some great advice!

  1. Take a Bumbo seat (or similar) particularly if swimming on your own with baby, as it provides a safe, waterproof place for baby to sit while you get in and out of the pool and while you get changed
  2. Take two towels for baby. One for getting out of the pool and to the changing room to prevent baby screaming because they are cold (and for getting soaked by the swim nappy) and one for drying baby with ready to get dressed
  3. Use disposable swim nappies and a pair of swimming shorts / pants for double protection!


I am now confident to take Toby swimming alone and try to do so once a week. It completely wears him out so I have to make sure I get him out of the water before he gets too tired otherwise he doesn’t understand that mummy needs to get dressed too and likes to scream for milk as soon as he is dressed!