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Aromatherapy Associates Renew Rose Massage and Body Oil – review

My regular readers will know that I have very very sensitive skin that reacts particularly badly to chlorine after swimming. I am trying to take care of myself a little better at the moment and rather than just put up with the awful dry, itchy and sore skin in particular on my upper arms, I have been trying to use something to soothe it. I was very lucky to receive a sample of the Renew Rose Massage and Body oil to review.


In general I am not a great fan of rose smelling products so I was a little worried that I wouldn’t like the smell of this oil but was pleasantly surprised. The oil smells very subtly of rose and you can really smell the neroli (which I am a big fan of) which stops it smelling too much like old ladies (no offense to old ladies of course). I have been using the oil after swimming but have also been trying to use it regularly after showering too. I really like the oil as it sinks in reasonably quickly and I have been complimented on the fragrance a number of times.

The oil comes in a lovely glass bottle (that looks wonderful in my bathroom) and has a pump style lid on it which make it easy to use without getting everywhere.

Since I was pregnant I have become an oil convert as they seem to last longer on the skin and go further too!

The claims:

An intensively nourishing blend of essential oils, ideal for improving the condition of dry, devitalised or irritated skin and effective in helping to protect against stretch marks during pregnancy. Essential oils tone, whilst evening primrose oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids, softens and smoothes the skin. This light oil is easily absorbed, improving skin texture and with noticeable softening results. Particularly recommended for swimmers, sunbathers and those whose skin is exposed to the elements.

Key oils:

Rose – euphoric, feel-good oil, renowned for its skin enhancing properties

Neroli – has a soothing effect, relaxing for body and mind

Evening Primrose Oil – with a 10% GLA content, has a highly moisturising and conditioning action: softening, smoothing and optimising the skin’s natural regenerative process

Apply daily, or as required, to treat skin for dryness and irritation or to help protect against stretch marks. Dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved.

Renew Rose Massage & Body Oil (100ml, £36.00)

Available at leading hotel and destination spas, worldwide. Retail stockists include Liberty (3rd Floor), Space NK and Fortnum & Mason. Mail order direct from Aromatherapy Associates on 020 8569 7030

or purchase online at

Although the oil is a little pricey it does last a really long time and so it quite good value for money. I think this is a lovely oil to receive as a gift or to buy yourself as a gift. The neroli really is very calming which is great for a mum and I suspect i will be in great need of it when I’m back at work!