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How to relax when you are a busy mummy

A recent study undertaken by mother and baby specialists, MamaBabyBliss revealed that out that 80% of new mums spent less than 15 minutes a day looking after themselves. Time is precious, so here are some simple tips for looking after yourself in only a few minutes a day.


Get up and glow!

For many new mums, the only ‘me-time’ is taking a shower. A great way to tone up the body and skin is some daily skin-brushing. Using a dry body brush, brush your body vigorously in a direction towards the heart BEFORE you have a shower. This helps break down toxins eg. cellulite and boosts circulation. Moisturise afterwards for an added glow.



It’s amazing how just taking a few deep breaths really can help not only calm you down but re-energise you instantly. Take a moment to stop. Find a comfy place to sit and place your hands on your tummy and take a deep breath in, pushing your belly out (it doesn’t look pretty but it works!). Next breathe out, drawing your tummy back in as far as you can. This simple breathing exercise will also strengthen your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Do this a few times whenever you feel a bit frazzled and see how you feel! You can also practise this with baby (see below).


Water, water, water!

Ditch fizzy drinks as high levels of sugar will only create a temporary ‘high’ and can lead to mood swings. Boring as it sounds, opt for water instead. Drinking 2 litres a day, will boost your energy levels and your sleep-deprived skin will look gorgeous. If you are breast-feeding, this will also keep you hydrated. Stash bottles of water around the house at all your feeding stations.


Get fit!

Schedule in an hour to go for a walk during the day. Fresh air is great for you and baby and you’ll have more energy to get things done when you get back. Treat this time as ‘you-time’. Play some music or why not go with a friend. Walking briskly for an hour will burn up to 300 calories, safely and healthily.



Relaxation is key for our health and sanity and here’s a relaxation exercise you can try with your baby. Find a clean, comfortable and quiet spot for you to lie with your baby on the floor. Place a rolled up blanket or cushion under your knees. Then lay your baby on your chest or by your side on a comfy blanket. This way, your baby can really pick up on the relaxed energy and relax too.

Now just pay attention to your breathing. Breathe slowly and deeply into your belly. As you breathe in, your belly expands, as you breathe out your belly comes in. Begin with five breathes and build up to more. This simple exercise will de-stress and revive you so do it as often as you can during the day.



Research has shown that people who smile and are optimistic have stronger immune systems and live longer. Keep a small notebook handy for you and baby and make a note of everything your baby does to make you smile! It’ll make a wonderful keepsake of the early days of motherhood too.