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Playscope Review by Sara and Toby

Toby and I are very interested in ‘sensory play’. He is the right age now to really notice and be interested in different colours, textures and sounds. Toby and I received three Playscope items from PlaytoZ to review.

The first item was the Sluggy. This is basically a soft cushion with coloured, textured spots; ribbons and bells.

The claims:
Young babies will enjoy Sluggy’s cosy sensory appeal – from the different textures, silky ribbons, vibrant colours and bells. Great for supporting older babies still mastering sitting, older children will also enjoy snuggling the gorgeous Slug and using it as a cosy pillow. Use Sluggy with a mat to create a gorgeous sleep or play area or on its own as a prop for stories and role-play. Supplied with a laminated A5 card setting out 15songs, stories and activities, these not only help bring Sluggy to life but make this a useful play resource in its own right. Made in the UK, machine washable and complete with handy loop for storing, Sluggy is practical too

Toby really liked the Sluggy. He would roll around with it on the floor, fiddle with the ribbons and jingle the bells to his heart’s content! He would lean on it when he was playing with other toys and generally make a bee-line for it.

The Sluggy is available from and costs £35

The second item was the Flower Rug. This mat coordinates with the Sluggy and has similar textures and colours to investigate.

The claims:
This gorgeous waterproof-backed mat is perfect for creating a cosy play/sleep space anywhere. Embellished with a beautiful ribbon-fringed flower as well as multi-coloured buds the mat provides just the right amount of sensory appeal without getting in the way of play or sleep. Great for babies and young children, the contrasting textures, colours and ribbon-edged flower provide rich sensory interest and appeal to children across the ages. Supplied with a laminated A5 card setting out 12 songs, stories and activities, these not only help bring the Flower Rug to life but make this a useful play resource in its own right. Its potential for storytelling and inspiration for role-play are proving popular with toddlers through to 9 year olds! Made in the UK and machine washable, the Flower Rug is practical too.

Toby enjoyed playing on the mat, it was a nice place for tummy time and for reading books together etc. The mat arrived with a card outlining some stories and activities that could be done using the mat and the sluggy together or individually. The mat has a waterproof backing which was great to allow Toby some nappy free playing time.

The flower rug is available from and costs £35.

The third items were two hairy caterpillars! These were two finger puppets which Toby adored! One was green and one was black. We called them Paul and Jim (I don’t know where these names came from – they must have just spoken to me!)

The claims:
If you’ve fallen in love with our Flower Rug or Flower Blanket but budget won’t stretch to the gorgeous Sluggy, fear not as one of these cute furry caterpillars will work perfectly for all the wonderful songs, rhymes and activities. Simply substitute the caterpillar, or Furry, for short, in all the songs, rhymes and stories that come with the Blanket/Rug and children (and adults) will love their new furry friend. Alternatively use with Sluggy to introduce more animals and even more play possibilities

The caterpillars were probably our favourite item. They were small enough for Toby to hold, chew, throw etc and had a great texture to them.

The caterpillars are available from and cost £3 each.

What we liked:

• The lovely textures and colours of the items
• The accompanying card giving lots of good ideas for play
• All items are machine washable

What could be better:

• I felt that there was a missed opportunity for additional sensory items – the items could have more textures and dangly bits to play with
• The price – the items are expensive although in their defence I think they could probably be used for a long time particularly as a place for a daily story time.