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uDraw GameTablet

Developed alongside Nintendo, the uDraw GameTablet is a handheld electronic easel that works with the Wii and lets players draw, splash, paint, and stamp to their heart’s content and then share or print their creation with family and friends.

Coming from THQ, one of the world’s leading games publishers/developers this is  their first hardware and launched in the UK this past Friday.  The uDraw is for all ages but was developed with 7-11 year-olds in mind.

The wireless tablet holds the Wiimote and allows to to ‘draw’ on your TV screen – It’s as natural to use as a pen and paper.  This is just like what the pro’s use to create their digital artwork and retouch photos.

uDraw Studio comes with the tablet and is designed to unleash your inner artist! Also available at launch are two other games – Pictionary(TM) which is great for family game night and Dood’s Big Adventure, which allows players to use the tablet as a steering device.

The uDraw was released pre-Christmas in America and sold out of 1 million units there, so is posed to be very successful here as well – Great for family get-togethers and an excellent way for the kiddies to draw without creating a huge mess in the front room!

Check it out on YouTube below

And you can order from Amazon and help support this site here:


Build-A-Bear Review

Caitlyn and her cousin George had a chance to go and visit their local Build-A-Bear workshop to experience bringing a bear to life.
We visited the Lakeside store and met the lovely Caitlin who helped them chose their bears.

At first it was too overwhelming for them to choose which one they wanted but in the end with the help of Caitlin, Caitlyn chose a rabbit and George a dog.

They then got the chance to press all the buttons to hear all the different noises you can put in the bears.

Then we went onto stuffing the bears and choosing their hearts, I think Caitlyn wanted her rabbit to be Doctor Who as she picked up 2 hearts but decided on a red and white check one. George went for a red heart and gave it a kiss before putting it in his dog.

Both Caitlyn and George helped press the pedal to stuff their bears and then their bears were sewn up.

They then washed and brushed their bears before choosing the bears outfits. Caitlyn chose a Rapunzel dress and George chose a Woody outfit.

They then sat down at the computers to make a birth certificate and decide what their bears were going to be called. Caitlyn’s rabbit is called Rab-punzel. Georges dog is called Woofy.

The bears were then put in their boxes with their birth certificates ready to go to their new homes.

Caitlyn and George really enjoyed their afternoon bringing a bear to life. Thank you Build-A-Bear.

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 Week 9

Michelle at Mummy From The Heart has been running this blog hop for 9 weeks now.

This week in the Scrummy household we have been plagued with colds again so haven’t really been too cheerful however a few things have made me cheerful this week

I finally have a separate tumble dryer. I know this is a bit sad that this makes me cheerful but it is going to make my life so much easier as I still can’t get over how many clothes 2 little girls get through on a daily basis.

I had a lovely day out with Caitlyn, my nephew and my husband. It was to make bears at the Build-A-Bear workshop and it was so nice to take out 2 toddlers.

Ellie is rolling all over the place and is now never still. It really melts my heart when she rolls to Caitlyn so they can play together.

Daffodils for Nana Cez

Yesterday was St Davids Day and my mum is Welsh. We didn’t have any daffodils in bloom so we decided to make some with card, pipe cleaners and pompoms.

I cut out petals and Caitlyn painted them yellow (and green)

We then painted some cardboard leaves green

Attached the petals and leaves together with pipe cleaners and Sellotape and added a pompom in the middle.

Lovely daffodils for Nana Cez

Muddy Puddles, Princess’s and Sonic Screwdrivers

These are a few of Caitlyn’s favourite things.

Caitlyn is Peppa Pig mad and because of this has wanted to go and play in muddy puddles. We had the opportunity this week and she was so excited. It was funny how many people stopped and commented to me how lovely it was to see a little one jumping in puddles without a care in the world.

Since watching Tangled, Caitlyn has been obsessed with Princess’s and wants to watch every princess film time and time again. Last week we watched Enchanted 4 times.
We have had to find princess posters which she kisses before bed every night and she wants me to do her hair like a princess everyday.

Since Caitlyn was a baby she has sat with her dad and watched Doctor Who, when she was brought a Sonic Screwdriver by her dad I thought it was a silly present which he brought for himself but she loves it. Maybe it is because it flashes and makes a noise or whether she relates it to the TV programme.
She sorts out the Sonic Screwdriver on a regular basis and even scared me one night where she had gone to sleep cuddling it and then coming into my room with it flashing and making its noise.

What are your little ones favourite things?

Reason to be Cheerful 1,2,3 Week 8

Michelle from Mummy From the Heart has been running this now for 2 months.

My first reason for being cheerful this week is I spent a lovely day out with my sisters and their boys. I left my girls with Gizmodad and we went to the baby show. I met a lot of companies who I talk to on twitter so its was nice to put a name to a face.

My second reason for being cheerful is Ellie is changing daily and look forward to seeing what she is going to do on a daily basis.

My third reason for being cheerful this week is seeing Caitlyn’s face light up after going puddle jumping for the first time. Admittedly she wasn’t wearing the right footwear but she loved pretending to be Peppa Pig and trying to make the puddle disappear.

The Monday Morning Review : My Carry Potty

We have been struggling with potty training out and about so when My Carry Potty were looking for reviewers I was so happy.

Every time the postman gives us parcels Caitlyn opens them for me and I think it took her a while to work out what the My Carry Potty was a first as she was holding it walking around telling me it was her bag.

I found it difficult to open at first, the instructions did say it was hard to open as it is the seal which makes it difficult. Once I got the hang of it opening it it is really easy.

Caitlyn was really funny with the Potty as she says it is her “Posh Potty” she christened it with a Wee and hasn’t looked back.

The real test was when we have been out and about. We first took it with us when we went swimming as it is a short distance from our house and previously I have had to hold her legs up off the ground to go but this time she sat on the My Carry Potty which was much more comfortable for her and we had no screaming like we normally do.

The funniest time she used it was when she asked me to open it and took it with her and brought it back to me closed, I asked her whether she had done a few and she said no so I thought I had better check and she had done a Number 2 which she normally would do in her knickers.

I would recommend getting this potty straight away instead of waiting until you are taking the plunge to venture outside with out a nappy.

Xbox Kinect SDK official

Today, Microsoft announced it will release a non-commercial Kinect for Windows software development kit from Microsoft Research later this spring. The intent of releasing a “starter kit” for application developers is to make it easier for academic research and enthusiast communities to create even richer experiences using Kinect technology.

The Kinect for Windows SDK from Microsoft Research is being developed and released by Microsoft Research (MSR) in collaboration with the Interactive Entertainment Business (IEB) to support a growing community of academic researchers and enthusiasts who are exploring potential applications built using Kinect.

The starter kit will give academic researchers and enthusiasts access to deep Kinect system capabilities such as audio, system APIs, and direct control of the sensor. Microsoft will deliver a commercial version of the SDK later. There are no further details to share at this time.

Microsoft has deep investments in R&D in natural user interfaces (NUI). NUI is part of the company’s long term vision of creating computers that are intuitive to use and able to do far more for us. The fruits of those investments manifesting across many of Microsoft’s products, including Kinect for Xbox 360, Windows Phone 7, Microsoft Surface 2.0, Bing for Mobile and Office 2010 Mini Translator.

This announcement of the Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK reflects Microsoft’s desire to unleash the magic of the NUI technology to a broader set of academic researchers and the enthusiasts by empowering them with the tools to create exciting applications with the use of Kinect technology.

Microsoft Research issued a statement today at

Thinking Day

I was a Brownie, Girl Guide, Young Leader and Leader and the only reason I stopped was because I was pregnant.

Each year on 22nd February it is thinking day, it is the birthday of Lord Baden-Powell and Lady Baden-Powell.

Each Thinking day Rainbows, Brownies and Guides all around the world hold parties to celebrate their birthdays. Normally each Rainbow, Brownie and Guide bring £1 to put in the thinking day fund.

When I was a Guide each patrol choose a country and would research it and do information posters and also cook some dishes from that country. All the other guides would try the food out and one year I choose france and the day before had gone on a day trip to France so I brought back Snails and the smelliest cheese I could find and it was a big hit. To finish of the evening we would sing songs from across the world.

The best thinking celebration I have ever been involved in was a big one held in London, there was a church service at Westminster Abbey and then we went to Pax Lodge which is one of the guide centres. We did lots of different activities from around the world my favourite activity was doing aboriginal art! We then had campfire songs with each country present singing songs in their language.

I think on thinking day this year I will have theme activities for a certain country but need your help deciding which country. Please comment below with your suggestions.