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Wheelybug Review

Master T loves scooting round on ride on toys but they are often quite cumbersome, difficult to push on carpet and fill up the house. We were really pleased to be able to try the Wheelybug from Hippy Chick.

Hippychick ladybird wheelbug side on

The bug is a bumble bee which consists of a wooden base, swivel wheels and an upholstered upper which is equally comfortable as a seat as it is a ride on toy. The wheels move so easily that he can scoot round on both carpet and hard flooring. Master T’s favourite thing to do is to give it a good hard push and then lifting his legs up which results in him spinning in the kitchen.

The Wheelybug has a wide appeal and all the cousins want to have a go   resulting in regular swaps of the ride ons they are racing on. The bug is perfect for Master T’s little legs (2 years old) and equally enjoyed by Master G (3 and a half years) so I know he will play with it for some time to come still.

Master G has a well ridden mouse shaped Wheelybug which despite being almost three years old is still in pristine condition. The Wheelybugs are beautifully made with quality materials which are long lasting and enjoyed for many years.

Although the Wheelybugs don’t come cheap I would thoroughly recommend one as a special gift for a toddler.

A percentage of the profits of each Wheelybug sold in the run up to Xmas will go direct to the fantastic Make-A-Wish Foundation charity

Leapfrog: Fix and Learn Speedy A Review

In my search for toys for 1-2 year olds I was kindly sent a Fix and Learn Speedy to review. Our house is full of girly toys and I thought it would be refreshing to have a less girly toy.


The car has been fought over for a few weeks now as both Caitlyn and Ellie love this brightly coloured toy. Ellie loves pushing it along and giggles when it plays the tunes and speaks to her, while Caitlyn loves playing with the screwdriver and spanner pretending to be a mechanic like her Uncle Guppy.

Fix and Learn speedy is a great toy to encourage imaginative play and teaches shapes, numbers and letters, this has really helped Caitlyn with her shapes and because she is playing she is really involved in the learning. We are also teaching Caitlyn her colours and because the car has lots of colours it is really helping.

The car gives you different instructions depending whether the bonnet is up or down. Caitlyn really enjoys the repair mode where you have to turn different buttons especially when it tells her it is running out of fuel. She also enjoys the counting and alphabet when the lid is down.

The claims

Get on the fast track to fun with Fix & Learn Speedy! Children can learn about shapes, counting and more as they play with a car that will tune up their motor skills and fire up their imaginations!
Appropriate for children ages 18-36 months.

What we liked:

  • Good toy for both the girls
  • There are so many bits that you can turn, push and pull.
  • Lovely and bright
  • Good value for money

We loved everything about the Fix and Learn Speedy Car it is available from all good toy stores at a RRP of £19.99

Now You Are One Book : Review

Ellie is 1 in 2 weeks and I have been looking for ideas on first birthday presents. I was asked if I wanted to review the now your one book and thought it would make a lovely keepsake.

I had to choose a photo of Ellie and give her friends name then waited for the book to come.

The book came really quickly

I was really touched when it came as the wording is really nice and it is so cute to see Ellie in each picture.







The claims

This first birthday book celebrates the many things a child can do now that they have reached the age of one. These include splashing in the bath, playing peekaboo, going to the park, clapping their hands, feeding themselves and crawling/walking.

There is a boy’s and girl’s version of this book and each activity is accompanied by an illustration featuring the child. There is even a Milestone Diary at the back of the book where parents can write in the date and details of when their child achieves different milestones. This makes the book a special memento of their early years, as well as a fun and engaging read.

What we liked:

  • It really made me smile, the pictures are so cute
  • A lovely personalised gift to keep
  • Caitlyn thought it was great seeing Ellie in the book and loved it when it mentioned her name
  • All family members loved it and thought it was great

What could be better:

  • The price is a little on the expensive side
  • It would be great if you could have different photos for each picture

Although I think the book is on the expensive side, I do think that it is a great birthday present for little ones.

Now you are one is available from at £19.99

Yummy Dough–A Review and Giveaway (closed)

We have been looking for ideas for indoor play on a rainy day and I was given the opportunity to try Yummy Dough from Maps Toys. At first I thought it was dough that if you ate it it wouldn’t matter!

Yummy Dough Tub

Caitlyn and Ellie have been playing with the yummy dough with their daddy when I have been at work. I came back from work and Caitlyn told me she and Ellie had made me biscuits when I asked her how she did it she told me it was from the kit. They were really nice and Gizmodad told me it was really fun making the dough and moulding it into shapes.


The claims


What we liked:

  • It kept Caitlyn and Ellie busy, Caitlyn loved shaping the dough while Ellie ate it!
  • Its a great way to learn colours and shapes
  • Really easy to make the dough
  • They taste really nice
  • A great activity to have in the cupboard to occupy kids

What could be better:

  • It took us a few attempts to work out cooking times as it depends on the thickness of the dough
  • Is on the expensive side at £7.99

I have found it for on offer at for £6.39

We have been given 5 packs to giveaway

To enter

Comment below and tell me what shape you would make with the Yummy Dough

For additional entries ( Leave separate comments for each action )

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This giveaway will close 15th August 2011 at midnight and is open to UK residents only

Leapfrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket Review and Giveaway (closed)

We received the lovely shapes and sharing picnic basket for Caitlyn to play with as part of our outdoor play feature.

When we received it Caitlyn’s cousin George got to the parcel first and started to set it up. He really enjoyed the talking basket. Once Caitlyn got home she really enjoyed playing with it she also liked the talking basket but also loved the plates with the shape sorter.

What I thought was really cute was that Caitlyn played with the basket with Ellie and pretended to give her a drink and kept telling her to eat up her food.

What leapfrog claim:

The Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket helps little learners explore shapes, colours, manners and more! Over 30 audio responses encourage pretend play, and the 14-piece set helps children build motor skills as they sort, match, stack, empty and fill.

What we liked:

  • Its great to teach children to share
  • Its great for outdoor play
  • Caitlyn loved the talking basket
  • The price
  • It turns itself off after a while when not being played with.

The Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket kept both Ellie and Caitlyn occupied for quite a long time so there isn’t any thing we didn’t like.


You can buy it at ToysRUs for about £20


I have 1 Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket to giveaway

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This giveaway ends 15th July 2011 at midnight. Good Luck to All

Build-A-Bear for Fathers Day by Sara and Toby

Toby and I had a lovely time at Build –a-bear with Sian last week. We decided to use the opportunity to create a bear for Daddy as part of his Father’s day present.

We really struggled to choose a ‘bear’ to create. I love cuddly toys and wanted all of them – I loved the soft bears and the cute characters like the owl and the monkey. We settled on a monkey as we thought a monkey was appropriate to come from cheeky monkey Toby to his Daddy.

Next we had to decide on an outfit for monkey. Well I was in my absolute element with all the clothes and shoes and accessories! I finally decided to make the monkey into a mechanic (Toby’s daddy is a mechanic) – possibly the only character Build a Bear don’t have an outfit for! Never mind – Rob (Build a bear’s most awesome and enthusiastic staff member) to the rescue “ How about grey trousers, a white T-shirt and work boots” I was a little unsure but the outfit came together and I was rather impressed!

Then we went into a little room so Toby could record a message onto the speaking heart and at this moment the usually noisy and chatty Toby decided to stop talking – we managed a little squeak from Toby and a clearer “I love you Daddy” from Mummy.

Last thing to do was write the birth certificate and we were boxed up ready to go!

We couldn’t wait until Father’s Day and gave Daddy the bear as soon as he got home and he loved it. A great idea for a personalised present for Daddy!


P’kolino Twirling Trompo – A Review

For the past month Ellie has been playing with this cute little spinning top. When we first received it I was a little suprised at how small it was as I assumed it would be a little bigger.

What they claim :

Safe and natural, this spinning top is a baby and parent favorite. The soft fabric and twirling feature are pleasing to baby while the squeaker inside the body provides extra fun.

As your baby grows teach them how to spin to develop fine motor skills. Made of ECO Rubber wood (from managed forestry resources) and polyester, the fabric can also be removed and machine washed for easy cleaning.

P’kolino is dedicated to the development of playfully stylish and functionally smart children’s products that improve play at home.

I found that Ellie used it more to chomp on than anything else.

What we liked

  • Ellie loved the legs to chomp on
  • Ellie also loved the feel of the fabric
  • I like the fact you can remove the fabric to clean it

What I was keen on:

  • It doesn’t spin too well when the legs are on
  • The price, I think it is quite expensive for what it is

Overall I don’t think I would primarily buy this as a spinning top but is a good toy to keep young ones entertained.

The P’Kolino Twirling Trompo is available at for £13.99

Smart Games – Camelot Review – By Sara

Continuing on our theme of educational games, we were lucky to receive a lovely little game from Jumbo Games who have recently brought out a range of educational games called Smart Games.

The games are for ‘brain training’ in children and having heard of lots of electronic brain training type games I was very interested to have a go at a brain training game that could actually engage the sense of touch as well as sight.


The basic concept of the game is to arrange the wooden pieces to be able to connect the Knight to the Princess. The game comes with a puzzle book showing which pieces to use for each challenge. There are 25 different puzzles with different difficulty levels.

The claims:

Bridge-building logic game! Reinforce logical-thinking with this beautifully crafted 3-D wooden puzzle. Children will be kept entertained for hours as they try and reunite the princess and the knight. With simple puzzles for the inexperienced, to complex puzzles to challenge skilled ones, Camelot Jr. is designed to stretch a player’s logical thinking skills and to develop spatial reasoning with 48 multi-level challenges. Set includes 11 wooden pieces and full-colour activity guide. Designed for 1 player

We really enjoyed playing with this game – the children really concentrated hard on working out the puzzles and despite being designed as a single player game; they worked well together on the puzzles. I was amazed at how long the game held the children’s attention – they played for absolutely ages!

What we liked:

  • Simple design and concept (quite old fashioned which was nice)
  • Kept the kiddies entertained for quite some time
  • Required focus and perseverance

Would be even better if:

I can’t think of anything to make it better. I would not hesitate to recommend this game.

Camelot can be purchased for around £17.99 from Amazon and other online retailers


Crayola – Colour Mix-a-roo Game – A Review by Sara and Friends

In my hunt for educational games I was offered the chance to review one of the new Crayola games. The game is aimed at children 4+ so I called in some help from a couple of my friends children ranging in age from 3 years to 7 years.

The game aims to help children learn about primary and secondary colours; in particular how to combine colours to achieve the secondary colour you desire.

The game includes a colour palette spinner, 30 colour cards, a colour mixing chart and instructions.

The aim of the game is to be able to create a particular colour by using a combination of colours. The children pick a card to find out the colour they need to create and the number of colours they can use.The children then decide which colours they are going to dial and when they have finished they open a little door to see what colour they have made. This bit is a little bit magical and even I was sometimes a bit surprised at the colour that was made! If you make the correct colour you get to keep the card and whoever has the most cards at the end wins!

To begin with, while the children were still learning the mixes, they were able to use a colour mixing cheat sheet to help them when they were stuck but the older children quickly decided they didn’t need this!

What we liked:

  • The game really helped the children to become confident with their colours and how to create secondary colours
  • The game held the children’s attention long enough to finish the game (not too quick, not too long)
  • The game was enjoyed by the full range of children who I played it with and it was easy to make the game easier for the younger ones and more difficult for the older ones so it was fair

Would be even better if:

  • The dialler took a bit of getting used to – if you didn’t dial correctly you didn’t get the colours you were expecting. If you accidently put the same colour in twice the resulting colour was a little suprising
  • The game required adult supervision to prevent the children getting frustrated (particularly the younger children)

Overall we found this to be a very enjoyable game which the children were happy to play with over and over again.

Colour Mix-a-Roo costs £9.99 and can be bought from Amazon.


Playscope Review by Sara and Toby

Toby and I are very interested in ‘sensory play’. He is the right age now to really notice and be interested in different colours, textures and sounds. Toby and I received three Playscope items from PlaytoZ to review.

The first item was the Sluggy. This is basically a soft cushion with coloured, textured spots; ribbons and bells.

The claims:
Young babies will enjoy Sluggy’s cosy sensory appeal – from the different textures, silky ribbons, vibrant colours and bells. Great for supporting older babies still mastering sitting, older children will also enjoy snuggling the gorgeous Slug and using it as a cosy pillow. Use Sluggy with a mat to create a gorgeous sleep or play area or on its own as a prop for stories and role-play. Supplied with a laminated A5 card setting out 15songs, stories and activities, these not only help bring Sluggy to life but make this a useful play resource in its own right. Made in the UK, machine washable and complete with handy loop for storing, Sluggy is practical too

Toby really liked the Sluggy. He would roll around with it on the floor, fiddle with the ribbons and jingle the bells to his heart’s content! He would lean on it when he was playing with other toys and generally make a bee-line for it.

The Sluggy is available from and costs £35

The second item was the Flower Rug. This mat coordinates with the Sluggy and has similar textures and colours to investigate.

The claims:
This gorgeous waterproof-backed mat is perfect for creating a cosy play/sleep space anywhere. Embellished with a beautiful ribbon-fringed flower as well as multi-coloured buds the mat provides just the right amount of sensory appeal without getting in the way of play or sleep. Great for babies and young children, the contrasting textures, colours and ribbon-edged flower provide rich sensory interest and appeal to children across the ages. Supplied with a laminated A5 card setting out 12 songs, stories and activities, these not only help bring the Flower Rug to life but make this a useful play resource in its own right. Its potential for storytelling and inspiration for role-play are proving popular with toddlers through to 9 year olds! Made in the UK and machine washable, the Flower Rug is practical too.

Toby enjoyed playing on the mat, it was a nice place for tummy time and for reading books together etc. The mat arrived with a card outlining some stories and activities that could be done using the mat and the sluggy together or individually. The mat has a waterproof backing which was great to allow Toby some nappy free playing time.

The flower rug is available from and costs £35.

The third items were two hairy caterpillars! These were two finger puppets which Toby adored! One was green and one was black. We called them Paul and Jim (I don’t know where these names came from – they must have just spoken to me!)

The claims:
If you’ve fallen in love with our Flower Rug or Flower Blanket but budget won’t stretch to the gorgeous Sluggy, fear not as one of these cute furry caterpillars will work perfectly for all the wonderful songs, rhymes and activities. Simply substitute the caterpillar, or Furry, for short, in all the songs, rhymes and stories that come with the Blanket/Rug and children (and adults) will love their new furry friend. Alternatively use with Sluggy to introduce more animals and even more play possibilities

The caterpillars were probably our favourite item. They were small enough for Toby to hold, chew, throw etc and had a great texture to them.

The caterpillars are available from and cost £3 each.

What we liked:

• The lovely textures and colours of the items
• The accompanying card giving lots of good ideas for play
• All items are machine washable

What could be better:

• I felt that there was a missed opportunity for additional sensory items – the items could have more textures and dangly bits to play with
• The price – the items are expensive although in their defence I think they could probably be used for a long time particularly as a place for a daily story time.