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Scuttlebug Review by Katy and George

scuttlebugGeorge received a Scuttlebug to try out as he really enjoys zipping along on ride on toys,. He immediately climbed on  and scooted all round Nana Cez’s kitchen. The scuttle bug is surprisingly mobile for a three wheeler and George gained some real speed! The bee design lead to George calling it his buzzy bee bike.

The scuttlebug is really transportable. I was able to collapse it and put it under my buggy which meant we could take it to the park. It also came on holiday with us taking next to no space up in the boot. George darted round the caravan and decking like a mad person, much to the disapproval of nanny and grandad who wanted to lie in, but were disturbed by the rumblings of the scuttle bug on the decking!

At first it took George a little while to realise the back of the scuttlebug was wider than the front so he did fall off and we found that his cousin Caitlyn also fell of a few times while getting used to the 3 wheel design.

All in all we all like the scuttlebug and think it would be a great present for a toddler.

HomeBargains Indoor/Outdoor Play Ideas – Review and Giveaway (closed)

With the weather being very unpredictable of late we have been playing with lots of games we got to review from HomeBargains.

We received:

Giant Snakes and Ladders, Giant Dominios, Giant Badminton, SpaceHooper, Giant Playing Cards, Garden Quoits

We have taken several of these games out with us on days out to the local park or forest.


HomeBargains_SpaceHopperThe spacehopper has become one of Caitlyn’s favourite toys to play with in and outside the house, when we first got it Gizmodad wanted to play with it straight away as it took him back to his youth. It was funny watching him showing Caitlyn how to use it as Caitlyn already knew how to use one.

We really liked this and think every family should have one.




Another one of Caitlyn’s favourite games was the Garden Quoits we had to take it every time we went for a picnic in the park. Ellie also enjoyed playing the game – well she enjoyed chasing the rings!

It is a great family game and really easy to get the hang of although I was the worst player!

We also tried the Giant Badminton at the beach which Gizmodad and I enjoyed but was a bit difficult for Caitlyn to play with as the racket was to big for her to old but would be good fun for older children.

Our friend Suzie tried Giant Snakes and Ladders and Giant Dominios


Suzie really enjoyed playing both games her parents said that it was a great way to keep Suzie occupied when it was raining outside as it was a novel idea to play we such big games indoors!

All the games can be found at HomeBargains and start at £2.99 which is a great price to keep your children occupied come rain or shine.

We have a games bundle to giveaway to one lucky reader

Just leave a comment telling me what you favourite game is

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Out Door Fun with Poundland

If you are stuck as what to do this summer and want inexpensive toys to keep the kids occupied I recommend heading to your nearest Poundland, we have been reviewing a few of their products and we love them!

Caitlyn spends a lot of time at her sand and water table and it didn’t even occur to me to give her a bucket and spade!

bucket and spade set

big spade

What we liked:

  • Great value
  • Caitlyn loved the moulds
  • Detail on the bucket



You can’t go wrong with a Frisbee, we hadn’t played with one with Caitlyn before but Caitlyn loved chasing it around.

Soft Ball


You can’t go wrong with a ball, I like the fact it is soft because we can play with it indoors on a rainy day. We have taken the ball to the park and seaside and had many hours fun with it and only for £1.

I really do think Poundland is a great for getting summer toys, I went in there yesterday and even picked up a paddling pool which was great.

We were glad that we took our bucket and spade on a recent trip to Southend as at the beach front they wanted £5.99 for a bucket and spade.

Ideas for Outdoor Play this Summer


Water Balloon Catapult Game


Caitlyn is a bit young to use the catapult but has really enjoyed us chasing her and using the catapult, we found it really easy to use and was great fun in the garden.

The claims

Take your water fights to another level with our amazing Water Balloon Catapult Game! Simply fill the balloons with water using the quick-fill nozzle provided, seal them and catapult your water bombs on an unexpecting victim!

Ideal outdoor toys for summer parties, why not get everyone together for a super soaking and BBQ! They make superb novelty gifts for Christmas and Birthdays. If you fancy something a little different to the usual water pistols and garden games, try our Water Balloon Catapult and enjoy a crazily good day with friends and family!

What we liked:

  • Easy to use
  • There was enough balloons for a couple of water fights
  • Hours of fun
  • A great price at £2.49

We liked everything about the catapult. You can purchase it from


Big Bubble Wand

Caitlyn loves everything to do with bubbles she likes popping them, blowing them and loves it when she can use a wand to make bubbles.

When we received the Big Bubble Wand I hid it and gave her it as an award! She new straight away it was bubbles and couldn’t believe her luck how big the bubbles came out. Even her 19 year old Uncle was impressed with the bubbles.

The Claims:

The Big Bubble Wand is full to the brim with bubble maker liquid, ready for you to create gigantic bubbles with a wave of your hand. Fantastic gifts for children and adults alike, Big Bubble Wands are fantastic fun for the whole family. Take them on picnics, to wedding parties, garden parties and out in the park for hours of fun! Bubbles make even the most sour-puss faces beam with a smile, so imagine what BIG bubbles can do! Create magical adventures, see who can make the biggest bubbles and have endless fun with the Big Bubble Wand!

What we liked:

  • Easy to use
  • Nice and slim so easy to hold
  • The bubble mix was really good and made great bubbles
  • Caitlyn liked the fact that she could make small and large bubbles
  • Great Price
  • Hours of fun

We love the Big Bubble Wand and think it is a great toy to have its great to play outside but if the weather isn’t too good you can play indoors too.

You can purchase the Big Bubble Wand from at £2.49

World’s Apart Pop N Fun Play Tents

We were sent a really lovely Pop N Fun Play Tent to try, we were sent the Peppa Pig Campervan Feature Tent.


I was shock by how thin the packaging and when I took it out of the box I was shocked at how big it was! As soon as you take it out of the box it pops up into the camper van. You then have to put some poles in it which I found tricky at first.

As soon as it was up Caitlyn wanted to play in it with Ellie. They had lots of fun and loved the steering wheel. Even Ellie had fun crawling in and out of it.

Caitlyn loved it so much that she took her pillow and blanket in there and had her afternoon nap in it!

We have been playing with the Pop N Fun Tent inside and outside and has made its way to Nana Cez’s house where it is played with by all her grandchildren.


The Claims:

Children can jump on board the Peppa Pig Campervan Feature Tent and join Peppa and family on their travels.  This brand new tent comes complete with a roll up door plus an awning and picnic mat for those al fresco meals.  The moveable steering wheel prompts further role play adventures, allowing kids to take turns with the ‘driving’.

What we liked:

  • Great fun for indoor and outdoor play
  • Great design
  • Easy to put up
  • Great for imaginative play
  • Peppa Pig fans will love it
  • Liked by all from 7 months to 3 years in our house
  • Easy to store in the box it came in

What could be better:

  • I find it difficult to put down in a hurry!

We would recommend the Peppa Pig Campervan Feature Tent . It is available from Amazon for £29.99

EZ- Fort : A Review

As I have mentioned before I was a Girl Guide and when we went to camp we often had to build forts and dens so when we received the EZ Fort it took me back to my childhood.

The EZ Fort is designed for children age 3+ however Caitlyn loved it. She has been bugging us everyday to build a new hiding place for her and loves helping Gizmodad build different shapes, Caitlyn finds it tricky to insert the poles into the connectors but loves the finished product.

What we like

  • Really easy to build
  • Liked by all old and young
  • A nice alternative to old style Wendy Houses
  • You can use different covers each time to go with the theme of play
  • Easy to store when using the box it comes with
  • Easy to take to Nana Cez’s house

What could be better

  • The red poles were easily broken so need to be a bit stronger

Overall we have had hours of fun with the EZ-Fort and would recommend it for indoor and outdoor play

EZ-Fort is £34.99 for stockists check