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Ellie is on the move.

Last month Ellie started to crawl and then a week later decided that crawling wasn’t enough and pulled herself up to hold the sofa and walk round the furniture.

I have been lucky enough to receive a visit from the Fairy Hob Mother aka Ian from Appliances Online who gifted me an Amazon voucher. I have exchanged it for a walker so that Ellie can chase her sister round the front room.

I was visited by the Fairy Hob Mother by commenting on another bloggers site. If you leave a comment below you have the chance to be visited by the Fairy Hob Mother too.


Swimming for the first time

Yesterday was Ellie’s first swimming lesson.

I was really nervous as she hadn’t been swimming before but she took to it like a duck to water.

She had to jump in, splash a ball about and kick her legs while holding a ball, it’s a shame you can’t take pictures in our local swimming pool as it would have been a lovely picture of her smiling away.

It must have been a little to much for her as just before we were to sing our last song before getting out she was sick! I was really embarrassed so I told the life guard who then had to inform the health and safety manager which then meant the pool had to be back flushed so Caitlyn’s swimming class which is after Ellie’s had to be suspended so Caitlyn wasn’t impressed with her little sister.

I just hope she isn’t sick next week.