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Nuby Breast Pump – Review and Giveaway

I have now tried out a few different breast pumps and have got quite a store of frozen milk for Toby when I return to work. When the very kind people at Nuby said they would love to help with my quest to get Toby drinking from a bottle and/or cup I was delighted. As part of this, I was given the opportunity to review a Nuby pump and I thought it would be nice to get someone else’s opinion. My friend Ruth has been breastfeeding her daughter Sophie and has recently returned to work. She has been expressing milk for a few months now and was interested in trying out a different pump:

Ruth’s thoughts:

I have been trying the Nuby Natural Touch Rhythm Dual Action Breast Pump set (RRP £79.99). I was interested in comparing the ability of the electric pump and the manual pump settings.
I have an 8 month old and have been expressing since I began weaning her. I have also now returned to work so have been building up supplies to use in my absence and expressing while at work.
Using the electric pump was simple it started pumping as soon as it was turned on. It then has buttons to increase or decrease speed.The electric pump can also be programmed to express in a certain pattern but, I didn’t find this useful as I did not need the speed to vary. I did manage to express my usual amount and it was very comfortable but, I did find it took longer than normal.
It is easy to change it to the manual function just remove the electric top and attach the handle. The manual however is more hard work and I found slower than hand expressing.
I like that this pump set can be used for both functions so you don’t need to buy two pumps. I also found it easy to assemble and liked that it has less small parts. The electric pump is also rather quiet compared to most electric pumps. The pump set also comes with a cover to keep it clean which is a great for taking it out.
There is a small dial which works on both functions to adjust the amount of suction however , even on the strongest setting I did not find it strong enough for me. This may be because my daughter has a very strong suck and also because I have been expressing for some time.

Therefore, this would be good for those new to  expressing who may get sore and will need to gradually build up.
The pump does not have a ‘let down’ setting which would be one of the things that would improve this pump.
For those with perhaps younger babies or whom have not expressed before may find this pump more productive than I did. Those with sore breast may also benefit for the comfortable cup and being able to personalise the speed and suction.

The pump set can be purchased directly from Nuby and also from Boots.

The claims:

Efficient, comfortable expressing

· Helps combine breast & bottle feeding

· Memorises personal rhythm – fast rhythm to encourage milk flow & slow to express gently

· Dual action- switch between electric mains powered or one handed manual pump

· Soft massage cushion stimulates the breast & encourages your natural milk flow

· The adjustable suction valve ensures ultimate comfort, as it allows you to adjust the suction pressure of the pump to suit your individual needs

· SoftFlexTMneck ensures ultimate comfort

· Set includes:

  • 5 oz/ 150ml PP Natural NurserTM
  • 8 oz/ 240ml PP Natural NurserTMwith breast sized slow flow silicone teat, screw ring & hood
  • Silicone storage lid
  • 6 disposable breast pads
  • Manual breast pump hood
  • Manual breast pump handle


I (Sara) tried out the storage cups and really found them useful. The ones I tried were 3oz pots and these are useful for when I don’t manage to express much milk. I expect this will be the case quite a lot when I am expressing at work as my job is pretty stressful and finding the opportunity to express is going to be difficult. The pots are made of BPA free plastic and stack easily onto one another for storage. The pots can be sterilised and reused which is a real bonus. it would be really useful to have these pots when you first start expressing or when you start weaning and want to express a little milk for making baby rice or cereal.

The wonderful people at Nuby hare giving our readers the opportunity to win the Nuby Natural Touch Rhythm Dual Action Breast Pump set.

To enter the competition you need to comment below telling us why you deserve to win.

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This giveaway ends 30th September 2011 at midnight. Open to UK residents only

Vital Baby – Review and Giveaway (closed)

I have been getting milk ready every day now for Toby to start to get him used to having milk from a bottle during the day. So far he hasn’t been doing too well with a bottle but I seem to have made a breakthrough!

Through my on going frustrations at not being able to get Toby to take a bottle (despite all the claims of bottles designed to aid the switch between bottle and breast) – my regular readers will know he just seems to chew rather than suck as soon as he senses the plastic feel of a bottle teat – I challenged VItal Baby  to let me include one of their bottles in my reviews. They were up for the challenge and sent me one of their silicone feeding bottlesto test.

As soon as the bottle arrived I saw that it was quite different to what I had tried so far – the bottle itself is made from a soft silicone rather than a hard plastic which allows it to be squeezed to get the milk to come out under pressure rather than just dribble out. One of the significant differences between milk coming from the breast and milk coming from a bottle is the way it flows out: it comes out of the breast in a high pressure stream (a bit like a shower) whereas it comes out of a bottle at a lower pressure (a bit like water from a tap). I found that when Toby put the bottle in his mouth if I squeezed it a little he would actually make the connection with ‘drinking milk’ and would make a few (albeit half-hearted) attempts at sucking from the bottle!

To you this may seem completely boring but to me this was a bit like ‘yay yay yay he knows what to do’ I was really quite excited as this was the first sign he had given me that he would actually drink from a bottle eventually, reassuring me that he will be fine without me. I know this sounds dramatic but I really will be more comfortable leaving him knowing that he will take his milk easily.

Anyway – back to the bottle. The bottle we tried was a 250ml Airflow Silicone feeding bottle RRP £6.99.

We really liked the bottle and didn’t know this sort of bottle existed! The bottle was easy to hold, easy to clean and Toby actually drank from it! He didn’t seem to suck in lots of air so the Airflow system seems to work quite well. The bottle had a wide neck so was easy to clean and would also be easy to put formula powder into if needed.

The claims:

Breastfeeding is the best for your baby – but when it’s not possible our 250ml silicone baby feeding bottle can be used to feed your baby expressed breast milk, prepared infant formula or cooled boiled water.
Made from soft medical grade silicone, Vital Baby® Nurture™ Feeding Bottles make combining breast and bottle feeding simple and safe by helping to mimic a natural breastfeeding action.
Advanced anti-colic Airflow™ system. Carefully designed triple anti-vacuum valves ensure a steady flow of milk and help prevent baby swallowing air, reducing colic.
Its super sensitive anti-colic Airflow™ teat allows air to flow back into the bottle and relieve the vacuum build-up inside. This makes it easy for baby to control the flow of milk and feed well. It also reduces colic symptoms and allows you to feed your baby with confidence.
Help baby latch on and feed naturally by gently squeezing on the soft bottle base to start the milk flow.
The easy-to-hold shape makes sure that you can feed baby in a natural position similar to when you breastfeed.

What we liked:

  • being able to squeeze the bottle helped Toby to know what to do
  • nice size and shape of bottle
  • BPA free

Would be even better if:

  • is a little difficult to read the volume markers on the side of the bottle – a disadvantage if making up formula.

On the whole I liked the bottle and think this is a really good bottle to try if you are struggling to get a breastfed baby to take milk from a bottle.

The wonderful people at Vital baby are also giving us a double pack of the 250ml bottles and a formula dispenser to giveaway to our readers.

All you need to do to enter is pop over to the Vital baby Facebookpage and let them know the scrummy mummy sent you then leave us a comment to say you have done so.

For bonus entries(please leave a separate comment per entry)

This giveaway will close on 5th September at midnight. Only open to UK residents

Boots Feeding Products Review

This week (w/c 1st August 2011) is Worldwide breastfeeding week. Given that it is also the middle of the school holidays I thought it might be appropriate to talk a little about breastfeeding and travelling.

This year we went to Weymouth for a lovely week by the sea. weymouth is only about 150 miles away from where we live but with the school holiday traffic this became a seven hour journey. I have been expressing milk and trying to get Toby to take a bottle for quite a few weeks now with varied success. Generally he won’t take a bottle from me, if I’m around he would rather have milk direct from its source but I have become rather aware that breastfeeding can be a little difficult when strapped into a car in a traffic jam! Typically, Toby didn’t want milk when we stopped but would decide he wanted it at rather inconvenient times.

Toby is also rather large now and getting him into a comfortable position to feed in a difficult space (in the back of a car in a lay by) is rather tricky.

I was lucky enough to receive two items from Boots that I had decided to take with me on holiday.

The first was an inflatable breastfeeding pillow ( Generally, I don’t use a pillow now when feeding Toby but I am usually able to find somewhere comfortable to feed him. I cannot say that the back of the car fits this description. The inflatable pillow was really useful. – particularly when you are incredibly short of packing space!


The claims:

Boots Inflatable Breast Feeding Pillow helps provide support for baby during breastfeeding. Ideal for use at home or away. With removable soft fleece cover.
Can also be used with an older baby or child for support or as a cushion when seated

What we liked:

  • takes up hardly any packing space
  • blows up quickly
  • nice soft cover
  • you can blow it up to different amounts depending on the position you want baby in (or the position you are having to sit in)

Would be even better if:

  • it inflated on its own :)

I would definitely recommend this pillow to anyone breastfeeding.

The second items were some Boots feeding bottles ( Luckily I had sterilised a bottle to take with us in the car in case Toby decided he wanted a drink. Since he kept refusing to have milk when we stopped,  ended up expressing in the back of the car and putting some milk in a bottle for him to take. Toby is still not a pro at the bottle but he did have a few slurps so I was less worried that he hadn’t had anything at all to drink. The Boots bottles are quite basic, but as I only very rarely use a bottle – I can’t say I am an expert. I did notice that it was difficult to read the volume markings on the bottles and it did occur to me that this might be an issue if i was trying to make up a formula feed.

Boots Baby Feeding Bottles 

What we liked:

  • good value bottles (£3.99 for two bottles)
  • wide neck allows easy cleaning

Would be even better if:

  • it took me a few attempts to get the top on properly as the bottle did seem to leak a little initially
  • the markings were a bit easier to read

We were blessed with beautiful weather and so Toby had his first opportunity to play on the beach. He rather enjoyed eating the sand – much to my dismay – but it was a lovely opportunity to spend some time together as a family.

Avent Electronic Breast Pump Review

I am going back to work now in a matter of weeks! Aaaarrrrggghhhh…

Every time I think of it I feel sick. I am going to miss Toby so much. I know he will be fine – but what about me? I know as soon as I get back to work I will be so busy that the time will fly each day and I will be collecting Toby before I know it. I will however have my boobs reminding me through the day that I have a baby who is due a feed! I plan to express milk at work so that I am able to maintain my milk supply to allow me to continue breastfeeding Toby for as long as he wants to continue. I also plan to use my expressed milk rather than formula while I can since it is free and I might as well!

One of the things I have been having trouble with is storing milk without it leaking. It seems to be that when defrosting some milk storage bags fail to keep the milk in the bag which often results in milk all over the fridge. Although it is incredibly frustrating to feel that the milk is being wasted, when it is in my fridge I just think ‘oh well, clean the fridge again then!’ (not sure my husband feels entirely the same mind!) but I wouldn’t want my milk to leak all over someone else’s fridge as that’s not fair.

In my quest to find a leak proof storage option, I was pleased to be offered some Avent Via Milk Storage Cups to review. I also received, much to my delight, an Avent electronic ISIS breastpump to review too.

Via Storage System RRP £8.68 for 10 x 6oz cups with lids (

These are basically a set of pre-sterilised, reusable cups with screw on lids. They can be used for storing and freezing breastmilk and because they are a strong plastic cup there is little chance of splitting and leaking during defrosting.

22-Via 0002

The claims:

VIA is a versatile, BPA free, space saving storage system that grows with your baby. It allows you to use the same cup to express, store and feed milk to your baby. no need to transfer your breast milk.

  • Easy to organise – Easy-to-label cups help you track dates and contents
  • Leak-proof, twist-on lid – For safe storage and transport
  • Perfect for ‘on-the-go’ -  Ideal for storing and transporting
  • For use in fridge/freezer – Cups can be stored in the fridge or freezer and are dishwasher safe
  • Fits all Philips AVENT breast pumps and teats – Use the adapter to express and feed with the same cup 
  • Ideal for storing breast milk – Pre-sterilised VIA cups are ready to use and there is no need to transfer breast milk
  • What we liked:

    • no leaks at all

    • can pump directly into cup and feed directly from cup too so don’t have to worry about bottles etc

    • can be re – sterilised and reused for food as well as milk

    Would be even better if:

    • they did seem to take up more space in the freezer than milk storage bags but they do stack onto one another so was actually an easier way to ensure milk was used in the right order

    I really like the storage pots and use them for storing milk but also for transporting Toby’s food and snacks too. I would recommend them to all mums.

    Avent Single Electronic Breast Pump RRP £91.92 (

    breast pump

    This pump is quite different to the ones I have used up to now. The unit sits on top of the bottle that you are expressing in to, but more importantly you are in control of how fast and how hard to pump. Initially I found this a little daunting – how would I know the best rhythm to use? But, after a few tries I found it incredibly useful to be able to control the speed rather than be limited to some preset speeds and vacuum strength. One of the fascinating things I found about this pump is that you can really clearly see the milk spraying out of your nipple! It was amazing, like a shower head, I’m not sure what I thought happened exactly but I thought this was fascinating. I found that although the pump didn’t express milk quite as quickly as the Medela Swing pump, it did seem to express more milk. I often achieved more than one let down resulting in more milk being produced. I would regularly be able to pump 8oz in about 20minutes. I also found that the let down would happen quite quickly and the pump was very comfortable to use. There are not many parts to put together so I found it really easy to take apart and put back together. There are no tubes which can be difficult to clean and it was easy to give all the sterilisable parts a good clean before they went in the steriliser.

    The claims:

    The Philips AVENT Single Electronic Breast Pump is extremely comfortable to use, but it has an intelligent memory that learns how you pump and mimics your natural pumping rhythm and with its unique Let-Down Massage Cushion comfortably stimulates milk flow. The result – a relaxed and comfortable pumping experience.

    The Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump is easy to use and assemble.

    The result- a relaxed and comfortable pumping experience.

    • Quiet and effortless
    • Battery or mains powered 

    What we liked:

    • you can see what is happening so can see where your nipple is positioned and can see when the milk is flowing
    • you are in control (useful for nervous expressers or people new to expressing)
    • can be converted into a hand pump
    • effective and reasonably quick

    Would be even better if:

    • I found it quite noisy – no problem at home but possibly a little noisy for work if you don’t have a very private place to express (for me this will be my office which I share)
    • the part of the pump that connects to the electronic part gets covered in milk but is difficult to get clean and can only be wiped with a damp cloth
    • for me I could have done with a little bit of a stronger vacuum to speed up the process a little

    I would recommend this pump. It is a well known brand and all the coordinating accessories are reasonably price. I would have liked to have tried this pump when I was less of an expressing pro as the control you have means you can express really gently. I would imagine that this is a good pump to use when your breasts are very sore.

    Avent products can be bought from may retailers including Boots, Mothercare and Amazon.

    Medela –Breastfeeding Solutions Review

    Anyone who has read my earlier blog post ‘breastfeeding and going back to work’ will know that I have started to really worry about what Toby is going to do for milk when I am back at work.

    There have been a few days now where he has not actually had any milk for a whole day so although this isn’t ideal I know that if it comes to it, he will survive without milk until I can get him after work and feed him.

    I still feel strongly that I want Toby to have breast milk rather than formula and so I have started to express and store milk to build a good supply for when I am back at work in September. Up until now, expressing had been a rather slow process that I was finding it difficult to find time to do regularly. I have been trying to ‘expose’ Toby to a bottle of expressed milk regularly in the hope that he would eventually work out he needs to suck the bottle rather than chew the teat! I have also been really annoyed that the milk bags I had been using (and I had tried 3 different brands) seemed to keep leaking when I was defrosting milk in the fridge and was getting a little disheartened that my efforts were being wasted.

    I was over the moon when I was sent a Medela Swing breastpump, some Medela milk storage bags and a Calma bottle to try to overcome the series of problems I had been having. I actually called my husband at work (not usually done unless it is an emergency!) as I was so excited (he didn’t seem nearly as excited – I’m not sure why lol)

    Medela Pump and Save Breastmilk Bags

    I had always thought breastmilk storage bags were much of a muchness. They all seem to have similar features to ‘prevent leaks’ and all claimed to be made of the right sort of plastic etc. Never before had I seen bags that actually fit onto the breastpump to allow you to pump straight into the bag – genius idea and less wastage of milk. This will be a great feature for me when I’m back at work as it will minimise the equipment I need to take in with me.


    The claims:

    Medela Pump & Save Bags enable you to store breastmilk neatly and easily in the fridge or freezer. Simply express the milk, label the bag and pop it in the fridge.

    Clean and safe storage: The exclusive self-stick strap allows you to pump breastmilk directly into the bag,ensuring that you do not lose a single drop of precious breastmilk. The double-walled bags have an absolutely leak-proof zip closure, ensuring safe long-term storage.

    For healthy breastmilk: Air and moisture barriers optimally protect vitamins and nutrients, and the breastmilk’s beneficial properties are retained. The bags are made from proven food-grade BPA-free material, so your baby is not exposed to any harmful substances. For proper storage, use the area for labelling with the date.

    The Medela bags are smaller than other bags I have tried but this encourages the storage of a smaller amount of milk which is actually easier to defrost. The design of the bag completely prevents the splitting of the plastic at the corners of the base of the bags which is where I found the other bags kept failing.

    I am a definite convert to using these bags over any other brand – I am confident that I won’t lose milk and I would be confident to take milk to store in other people’s fridges without having to worry about it leaking everywhere. It’s not surprising that other people are not keen to have my breastmilk all over their fridge!


    Medela Calma

    I am willing to give any type of milk feeding device a go with Toby (within reason of course!) and was interested to give the Calma a go as it is claims to have an action that releases milk in a more similar way to the breast.


    The claims:

    Why Calma? Our latest studies with researchers from the University of Western Australia show that creating a vacuum is essential to successfully breastfeed. Babies learn very early on that they have to produce a vacuum for the breastmilk to flow. Their natural way of sucking requires intensive work during breastfeeding!

    For a mother looking for a solution to feed her child breastmilk, Calma is ideal. Calma was developed based on the results of our studies with the University of Western Australia. That’s why Calma is the unique teat for babies who are being breastfed with breastmilk, as it allows them to suck, swallow and breathe, as learned on the breast. Whether you breastfeed or use Calma, the baby has to create a vacuum for breastmilk to flow. As soon as the baby pauses, the flow is stopped, this is also the way with breastfeeding.

    Similar as with breastfeeding, your baby can

    · drink, pause and breathe in its natural rhythm,

    · create its individual vacuum through a combination of tongue and jaw movements,

    · retain its natural way of sucking, which supports an easy transition from breastfeeding to feeding breastmilk with Calma and back to the breast.

    Unfortunately I was unable to get Toby to suck from the bottle so wasn’t able to really give it a go. He seems to want to chew as soon as he feels plastic in his mouth. I tried moving him from my breast to the bottle when he was very relaxed to see if he would just continue sucking but he just started singing and chewing which was not the desired outcome!

    I didn’t introduce a bottle to Toby early on as I was so worried that he might decide he preferred the bottle as it was easier to get milk out of than the breast. I think if I had had one of these bottles when he was younger I wouldn’t have been as worried about him moving from breast to bottle and back again. I would recommend breastfeeding mothers try the bottle once breastfeeding is established and will be holding on to the bottle for Katy to try when she has bubba number 2 in November.

    The Calma is sold exclusively in Mothercare for £11.99.

    For more information please read the Calma Press Release which we have included on the site for our readers.

    Medela Swing Breast Pump

    When I was pregnant I knew I wanted to breastfeed. Thank goodness I was able to because after a very traumatic labour I think I would have been devastated if I had not been able to breastfeed. I have said before and I will say again that I am extremely fortunate to have not had any problems.


    I bought a breast pump in the anticipation that I would want or need to express at times, but bought one that was in the sale as I didn’t want to spend too much just in case I ended up not using it. I first used it when Toby was about 8 weeks old as he was unwell and wasn’t feeding so I needed to express some milk to relieve the engorgement. Expressing was fine. It was rather slow and seemed to take a long time to get a ‘let down’. I think I expressed about 4oz but it took the best part of an hour.

    I had heard very good things about Medela pumps so was excited to see the difference. The first time I used the Medela pump my husband commented on how quiet it was compared to my other pump. I managed to express just over 5oz milk in about 10 minutes and was frankly amazed. I got a really quick ‘let down’ (quicker even than when feeding Toby) and was amazed to see the milk splurting out so quickly.

    The pump came with two different breastshields as (and I didn’t know this) one size does not fit all! I use the Softfit Breastshield as I feel this works best for me. The pump has two functions – the first to encourage the milk to flow and then a second button to press once the milk is flowing. You can adjust the vacuum to whatever strength feels most comfortable for you. The strongest vacuum is much stronger than any of the other pumps I have tried and allows for much more efficient expressing.

    The claims:

    Design and nature perfectly combined: Swing is the multi-award-winning electric breastpump for mothers who need a breastpump for everyday use. Whether you work part time, want to have an evening out, play sports or just want to go shopping, the Swing electric breastpump is the ideal solution for mothers who don’t want to spend too much time for pumping.

    Also suitable for health problems: There are various issues which can make breastfeeding directly on the breast difficult, such as latch-on problems, breast infections or sore nipples. The electric breastpump Swing helps you to get around these problems, whilst still providing your baby with breastmilk at this difficult time. You have time to heal and enjoy the benefits of a short break from breastfeeding.

    Mothers can benefit from our research: Thanks to our 2-Phase Expression Technology the breastpump simulates the natural infant sucking behaviour at the mother’s breast. The electric breastpump feels very comfortable to use – almost like breastfeeding itself. Its faster let-down and maximum milk flow significantly reduces pumping time, so you can express more milk in less time.

    Swing: the most popular single electric breastpump in the world: Swing is a very quiet electric breastpump. It can be used easily and completely effortlessly. The pump switches automatically from stimulation to expression phase.

    Mother – friendly operation: It is really easy for you to switch between phases yourself or set the most comfortable vacuum level. The electric breastpump can be used with a mains adapter. The option of battery operation combined with the belt clip guarantees you maximum mobility.

    Choose the right breastshield for you: The choice is yours: choose between an individually adjustable PersonalFit Breastshield and a smooth and gentle SoftFit Breastshield. Whatever your needs and preferences, we have the right one for you.

    Swing is small, compact and light: Swing is easy to use: mothers can easily transport the electric breastpump if they want to express milk on the go. You can assemble the electric breastpump more easily, meaning it is readily available for you to use.

    Thorough cleaning – for the good of your baby: All products which come into contact with breastmilk are BPA-free and easy to clean, no matter whether you boil, disinfect or clean them using our microwave bags.

    The pump and accessories can be carried in a little bag which is included in the set. The pump can be run on batteries or mains which is really useful if expressing when not at home.

    The pump was really easy to put together – it consists of only 4 pieces which are easy to clean and can be sterilised in your normal steriliser. The pack also contains a spare valve piece so I hope it will last me for as long as I am expressing milk for Toby and any future babies!

    I have been completely overwhelmed at how good the Medela Swing pump is and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to friends who are looking to express milk regularly. It has really allowed me to express every day without having to worry about when I will get a chance – I sit down each morning for 15mins while Toby is having a nap with a cup of tea and express a bottle of milk for him.

    Verdict: 5 stars – I am a true Medela convert!

    Theraline Original Maternity Pillow : Review and Giveaway by Sara (closed)

    When I found out I was receiving a Theraline Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow to review I thought illiant! Toby is getting rather heavy now and supporting him while he is nursing is making my arms ache more and more. My old feeding pillow is frankly useless. The shape which is supposed to go round me would only go round me if I was stick thin (which I am not) and it is too bulky now Toby is bigger – in fact it was too bulky when he was small too.


    The Theraline pillow is a rather long, slightly crescent moon shaped pillow that feels rather floppy when not in use. It is filled with tiny little beads which mould to whatever shape you want them to. The beads are like bean bag beads but tiny so the pillow is very light and easy to move around.

    The pillow came with a lovely cover which was both soft and colourful and is machine washable and can be tumble dried. I immediately decided to try it out while just sitting on a chair watching TV and I was immediately impressed with how comfortable and supportive it felt.

    The long length of the pillow allowed me to wrap it around me to support my back (and make me sit up in a better position than normal when feeding) and also to have it across my lap to support Toby’s weight and lift him to a better position for feeding.

    The pillow quickly became my pillow of choice for propping myself up in bed to watch TV too as it could be moulded into a V-shape to support my back and neck.

    The claims:

    A special pillow for a very special time

    • X-long surface bends the way you like
    • Innovative flexible and stable filling
    • Feels like sand yet light as a feather
    • Comfortable support in any position

    Feel the difference! Unique lightness & perfect support: The Original Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow has a filling made up of millions of micro beads that are light as a feather. This amazing filling conforms to the shape of your body, no matter what position you are in, whether lying down or sitting up and, unusual for a pillow, it always remains firmly in place without giving way. It is antiallergenic, warm, breathable and can be washed at 140° F.

    More relaxed breastfeeding

    • Safer: 15“ of support in the middle!
    • Less strain on neck and shoulder
    • Amazing back support
    • Suitable for all common feeding positions
    • Perfect for twin feeding

    For a good night’s sleep

    • Relief for legs, belly and stressed back
    • Stable support for the pregnant body
    • Easy to change sleeping positions
    • Helps prevent from falling on one’s back

    The Original Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow keeps your legs and tummy cozy and snug – even your head and shoulders are supported. Therefore it helps prevent those restless nights during the last months of your pregnancy, thanks to less strain to your back and legs.

    Thanks to the Theraline Pillow, the days of collecting pillows from all over the house are over! Now you can easily change position to make yourself more comfortable.


    • For relaxing, reading and watching television
    • For adults: As a pillow for lateral sleeping and leg support

    Excellent quality

    • Fine-as-sand original micro-beads
    • Fluffy soft, extra-thick covers
    • Optimal 190 cm – refillable inlet
    • Toxproof® certificate

    What we liked:

    • Versatile and multifunctional making it really good value for money
    • Lovely fabric cover
    • Really comfortable and supportive

    Even better if:

    • They were given away free when you found out you were pregnant – honestly though – I loved it so can’t really think of how it could be better.

    After using the pillow for a few weeks I have finally given in to the pestering from Katy who wanted to use it to review from a pregnant lady point of view so I have lost my pillow. I am mourning my loss. I wish I had had the pillow while pregnant and will make sure I have one for my next pregnancy. So look out for her update on this review!

    Theraline have very kindly agreed to giveaway one of their original maternity pillows to one fo our lucky readers.

    To enter the competition you need to ‘like’ the Theraline UK facebook page and write on their wall saying the scrummy mummy sent you, then leave a comment below to let me know you have done so.

    For additional entries: one entry per action please leave a separate comment for each action to ensure you receive the appropriate number of entries.

    1. · Follow @thescrummymummy and @TheralineUK on twitter
    2. · Tweet ‘I’m in to win an original maternity and nursing pillow with @thescrummymummy and @TheralineUK’
    3. · Comment on another non competition post and let me know where you have commented

    UK entries only please competition ends on 31st July 2011.

    Emma-Jane Bamboo Nursing Vest – Review by Sara

    I have been breastfeeding Toby now for six months and in all that time I have been looking for clothes that are suitable for feeding in.

    I have tried many different types of top and so was pleased to be given the opportunity to try the Emma-Jane nursing vest.

    I received a plain black bamboo feeding vest to try. Immediately when I opened the packet I was impressed at just how soft the material was. The material contains bamboo fibres which are known to have anti-bacterial and non-allergenic properties. Bamboo is also three times as absorbent as cotton which is especially useful in the hot weather we have been having recently.

    The top has drop cups with a large round cut out for each breast in the underlayer. It has adjustable straps which are of a good quality and are supportive. It has easy to open clips which I could easily undo with one hand and it has built in support so you can wear it without a bra. I have worn the top a lot so far: on its own as a vest; under other non-breastfeeding tops to allow me to discreetly feed; at night as a support top, with a bra and without etc –  pretty much whenever I can! The material has washed extremely well and the top still looks brand. This is definitely now my vest of choice!

    What I liked:

    • Lovely, quality material
    • Washes well
    • Comfortable and supportive with and without a bra
    • Good length – covers my mum-tum well without hanging too far below my other tops

    Would be even better if:

    There was nothing I didn’t like about this top so I have nothing to say here!

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this top to other breastfeeding mothers.

    The top is available from figleaves at £21

    Mamascarf Review and Giveaway by Sara ( closed )

    I have always been very confident when breastfeeding Toby in public. I decided quite early on that if I felt self conscious I would probably draw more attention to myself and attract unwanted comments. I truly believe people are less likely to challenge or be nasty to someone who looks like they are ready for the challenge!

    I have always made an effort to wear specific feeding tops to allow me to breastfeed discretely and people really would have to look hard to be able to see anything they might not want to! This has, however, somewhat limited my wardrobe and has made me feel a little frumpy at times.

    When looking for inspiration for my breastfeeding awareness week items I stumbled across Mamascarf and thought – ‘cor that looks interesting’ so I contacted the lovely Keira at Mamascarf and she very kindly sent me a scarf to review.

    The scarf arrived very promptly in a nice little box and I excitedly opened it. It is made of a lovely quality material with a textured surface and comes in a range of designs and colours. The scarf can be worn as a scarf and adjusted to feed when needed or can be kept in your bag and just brought out as and when it is needed. Keira had kindly written a  note saying there was a video on the site should I need it and I have to admit it was rather helpful!

    The claims:

    The Mamascarf can be worn as a scarf, or neatly folded away. It even comes complete with a hidden pocket to store your breastpad.

    • It is easy to use and won’t draw attention to you.
    • Less distraction for your baby.
    • Hides your post pregnancy tummy.
    • Covers you before and after feeding.
    • 100% cotton and machine washable at 30 degrees.
    • The perfect gift idea for someone special who is pregnant.
    • Was invented by a breastfeeding mum for other breastfeeding mums!
    • One size fits all.
    • You can still see your baby and maintain eye contact.
    • New improved soft tactile cotton.
    • Can be used to feed any age baby.
    • The textured fabric is great for disguising creases

    One of the issues I have now Toby is a bit older is his growing interest in what is around him – he would much rather be seeing what’s going on than looking at Mummy to feed! I was interested to see if the Mamascarf would shelter him and encourage him to feed or would just annoy him. Fortunately it seemed to allow Toby to calm down, switch off and focus on what he was supposed to be doing.

    I was also pleasantly surprised at the help the scarf gave me in supporting Toby while he was feeding – he is rather heavy now so this was very welcome.

    The scarf has also allowed me to wear whatever I want really when I am out without having to think about covering my stomach etc.

    What we liked:

    • Lovely fabric
    • Versatile and effective for breastfeeding babies of all ages
    • Support means arms don’t ache

    Would be even better if:

    • There were even more designs to choose from!

    I would recommend the scarf to all breastfeeding mothers as I really think it is useful. For mums who are a little unsure about breastfeeding in public it will give them the coverage and confidence they need and for mums of older babies, it will help them ensure baby isn’t pulling off constantly to see what’s going on around them!

    The Mamascarf has an RRP of £17.99 + P&P UK & ROI £1.95 , £2.95 Europe and Worldwide £4.95 and can be purchased directly from the site

    Our very lucky Scrummy Mummy readers have the chance to win a Mamascarf in our wonderful breastfeeding awareness week giveaway. All you have to do is visit the Mamascarf site and tell us which is your favourite design.

    For additional entries: Please leave a separate comment per entry

    The giveaway will close 17th July 2011 at midnight. Uk residents only


    Mamma Pad from Theraline –Review by Ruth and Giveaway

    One of the real bug bears of breastfeeding mums is leaking boobs! It is so not attractive to be walking round with wet patches on your top that have clearly come from you and not your baby’s puke or dribble!

    Many breastfeeding women will be very used to the constant presence of breast pads in their bra. Luckily, I have never had a problem with leaking breasts. However, we have nicknamed Ruth ‘leaky’ as she is constantly moaning about leaking! Hee hee – good job she’s such a good friend!

    When I was given the opportunity to test a pair of Mamma Pads from Theraline ( I thought – I know just the woman!

    The claims:

    To start with there was a simple hint

    Experienced mothers know about it, many midwives pass it on as a good tip: If the one breast gives too much milk during breastfeeding, you can stop the milk flow by slightly pressing-in the breast with the finger. This simple reflex practically always does the job and forms the basis for a small revolution: Instead of collecting ‘leaking’ mother‘s milk in nursing pads, a simple silicone pad can temporarily shut off the fine milk ducts by pressing in the nipple. After removal, the ducts open again and the milk can flow completely normally during breastfeeding.

    Easy & pleasant use

    Thanks to a very thin, medical adhesive coating, the breathable silicone nursing pads stay in place without any further help. The adhesive coating on a soft high-tech silicone pad can adapt to practically every shape of breast. Due to surface tension, it applies gentle pressure which slightly but reliably presses the nipples inwards. The use of breathable silicone as straps and adhesive material creates an unexpectedly high wearing comfort. Silicone enables a gas and oxygen exchange very similar to skin. A principle which is used, for example, with long-term contact lenses based on silicone. As soon as the pads are applied, everything feels completely natural and they are practically not noticeable anymore.

    Here’s Ruth’s thoughts:

    I have been trying Mamma Pads by Theraline. These are reusable silicone breast pads that are designed to prevent leakages by light pressure. They are soft and mould to your breast sticking in position. Once you have got over the strange jelly like feeling and weird appearance, they are really comfortable. I even forgot I was wearing them which briefly confused my baby daughter Sophie. I think they would even be good for sore nipples.
    I tested out the claims of the company and wore them with a normal bra, without a bra, out in an evening dress, swimming and sleeping.
    I like that they are so unnoticeable in comparison to regular breast pads. They are also comfortable and did prevent leaks during the day. They even stayed in position whilst swimming and without a bra.
    You will need more than one pair or to have normal pads as well due to needing to clean them. However, they are easier to clean and faster drying than material washable breast pads.
    I found that they need improving for night-time use or when particularly full as I still leaked and they became un-stuck. I would however recommend for wearing under light clothing and with just a feeding vest.

    What Ruth liked:

    • Versatile and discreet pads
    • Good, effective alternative to disposable and washable fabric breast pads
    • Can be used for swimming and without a bra
    • Stuck well

    Would be even better if:

    • They completely stopped milk leakage all of the time
    • They came in packs of 4 so you have a spare pair while they are drying

    On the whole we would recommend these breast pads as a great alternative.

    Mamma pads are available from and retail at £14.95 with free shipping.

    Our lucky readers have the chance to win a pair of mamma pads.

    All you have to do is leave a comment below to say you’d like to be in it to win it. (compulsory)

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    BelleBelly Review and Giveaway by Sara

    One of the most frustrating things I have found about breastfeeding is the lack of stylish breastfeeding wear.

    I have found that most feeding tops are very casual, which is generally fine day to day, but on the (rare) occasions when I want to look a little nicer than my usual jeans-and-jersey-top-mum-self, I have struggled to find anything to wear.

    One way around this has been to wear a feeding vest under a normal top. This way I have managed to hide my mum-tum and wear something a little nicer than usual but I often get frustrated at how difficult it is to unclip a top, then my bra, then fiddle around with the ‘discreet feeding’ parts of the vest all while Toby is moaning as he doesn’t understand what the holdup is!

    I was so excited when I stumbled across the BelleBelly as it seemed to be such a sensible creation!



    What is a BelleBelly?

    It’s what you’ve been waiting for – a belly band designed to fit you when you breastfeed. It’s A-line shaped (smaller at the top and bigger at the bottom), and full length (from underbust to hips).

    Use a BelleBelly to turn all your tops into breastfeeding tops, expanding your wardrobe and saving you money. It’s also a must have for pregnancy to fill the gap between your tops and your bottoms when your bump gets bigger.


    Why do I want one?

    BelleBelly is an essential wardrobe item. Never worry again about showing the bits you’d rather keep hidden, just enjoy feeding your baby. BelleBelly is one layer so it doesn’t add bulk, and is soft for you and your baby’s skin.


    How do I wear my BelleBelly?

    Put it on over your head before you put on the rest of your clothes. Wear it tucked in or out at the bottom for a ‘layered look’. Wear it every day so you’re always ready for feed times – no more only going out between feeds – put your BelleBelly on and be ready wherever you are.


    The BelleBelly comes in two colours; black and white, and three sizes; small (UK 8-10), medium (UK 12-14) and large (UK 16+).  I think the sizes are quite generous, I am a size 12 and feel the small fits me best.


    The BelleBelly washes well and can be tumble dried. It is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane which gives it a little stretch while keeping you cool.


    With the recent very hot weather it has been great as it has meant slightly less clothing which has meant I have been less sweaty – which is always a good thing!


    I would consider it to be a MUST HAVE ACCESSORY for the breastfeeding mum.


    What we liked:

    • Makes most tops into feeding tops
    • Cool and fuss free way to cover tummy to promote confidence when breastfeeding
    • Very good value for money


    Would be even better if:

    • I would love it if it was a bit more supportive so it almost doubled as a control pant for my wobbly belly!


    If you would like to enter to win a BelleBelly please leave us a comment to say what you like best about breastfeeding.


    For additional entries:

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    Competition open to UK residents only and winner will be draw on 30th June 2011.