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Homemade Pizza (well nearly)

The girls have been nagging me silly to make pizza for tea for a while now so I thought we’d give it a go. 

When I was young my mum made homemade pizza a lot for tea but she would make everything from scratch, I cheated and brought a pizza mix but we still had to make the base. 

It was the first time the girls have made dough and loved kneading it. We used oil on the table for kneading the dough and found it was much less messy than using flour that my mum used to use.

We decide on going for a cheese and tomato topping with a few bits of ham and pineapple.


I have to say it was rather yummy

Miss C’s Dream Uniform

Miss C has two addictions when it comes to clothes, Spiderman and pyjamas. 

I’m not sure where her fascination with either occurred but I could hazard a guess as to why she likes pjs who doesn’t? When you’ve had a busy day and want to be warm and cosy what is better than putting your pjs on and getting nice and cosy. 

Most days when we are getting ready for school Miss C will quiet often ask why does she have to wear a uniform and why can’t she wear her Spiderman pjs. These would suit her just fine to go to school.

This is an entry for

The Debenhams Back to School competition on

Sheridan Outlet – Freeport Braintree

We were invited along to the grand opening of a Sheridan Outlet store in Essex. Sheridan are a luxury bedding company check them out here. URL.

We all spend our pregnant days preparing for the arrival of our babies, but we don’t do very much about the arrival of our post baby selves!

I really enjoyed choosing linen for my babies; Moses baskets, Cots and now Big Boys Beds! Lovely fluffy sheets with cute patterns ready to snuggle up your new born, watching these turn to Spiderman leaping across the sheets for Master G (5yrs).  Bold repeating patterns for Master O (2yrs).

So my boys had lovely fresh new linen when they came into the world and me? Well the last bed linen I bought was from a supermarket and not very luxurious at all. The last time I actually bought quality bed linen was when my husband and I were building out little one bed love nest … 7 years ago!

Why don’t we treat ourselves to nice new bed linen for our post baby selves? I don’t know about you but I LOVE going to bed. And this is made all the better by soft high quality bed sheets. When a new baby comes sleep is at a premium and as so we should be doing it in style…. in good bedding!

Use up your old sheets for immediately after the birth as we all know that can be a bit messy, not to mention the stains breast milk can create! Then treat yourself to a luxurious set from these guys. 

Tip from a not so scrummy mummy here… get a patterned one and then the milk stains, leaking boobs, bottles, dribbling babies (and dads), don’t show quite so badly as on that lovely white bed spread you have!

Thanks to Sheridan (and some speedy arrivals to the opening) myself and my mother in law were given some vouchers to spend. I absolutely love my new bedding… it has left me realising how it’s the little things like this, those little treats as a mummy (sad that I think bedding is a treat I know), things for you to enjoy in your own space are wonderful.  

We also received a goody bag which contained an enormous beach towel. It’s beautifully soft, even when air dried and not tumbled. It brings a bit of colour to my bathroom and is a great size for wrapping my LO’s up and keeping them warm after swimming in our garden (paddling pool). We loved it so much my mother in law when out and bought an entire new set of towels from the Sheridan outlet too!


Last week we were sent £80 of vouchers to try out our local Morrisons store for bank holiday goodies, we used the money to do our weekly shop.

We went to the one in Gray’s Essex, it’s not our closest but it’s a little bigger than the one in Dagenham and I also wanted to have a look at their clothing range for kids.

We loved the fact that there was so much to choose from in the Grays’s store, the girls enjoyed choosing the fruit they were gong to have for that week. I also found that there was a lot of bits on offer which I can never leave on the shelves. 

We filled our shopping trolley with goodies including bits to make a nice roast dinner, we found that the meat prices were great and we picked up a lovely joint which we had for dinner. 

For our bank holiday meal we had a yummy roast dinner that worked out pretty reasonable. 

Our favourite item we got was a sack of good old fashioned spuds 12kg for £3.50 and they are still going strong even when we’ve been using them everyday, they are yummy boiled, roasted, chipped and mashed so i’m very happy with them as i’m pretty fussy with my spuds!

We normally shop at Aldi as we aren’t too worried about brands but it is nice to eat some branded stuff like penguins! 

Since doing our shop at Morrisons last weekend we have done our weekly shop there again this week. 

I think i’m becoming a MorrisonsMum

Miss C

Miss C hasn’t been too well this week. While poorly at home she came up to me very proud of what she had done on the iPad.

Well done Miss C.

Bump Watch

With the girls I didn’t have much of a bump, this week I have grown a bump meaning I had to go out and buy new trousers!

Here is my first bump pic. 

What do you think? Is it a pink or blue bump?

Miss E

Miss E makes me smile. Thursdays are our days where we have the day together just me and her, I catch up with my house work while Miss E chats away to me or her imaginary friend ‘George”!

I asked her a question today while she was rabbiting away to George and I’m not too sure that she was happy that I interrupted her!

It’s also amazing how much fun a new magazine and a pair of my old specs (without the lenses) can be!

Miss E really does make me smile :)

Happy Birthday Gizmodad

Yesterday was Gizmodad’s birthday, we had a family day of bowling and then went for a meal.

The girls love bowling and Miss C even bowled without the ramp this time and managed to get 2 spares, Miss E even got a strike and beat nanny!

Another fun afternoon had by all, thank you nanny and grandad.