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Miss C

Miss C hasn’t been too well this week. While poorly at home she came up to me very proud of what she had done on the iPad.

Well done Miss C.

Bump Watch

With the girls I didn’t have much of a bump, this week I have grown a bump meaning I had to go out and buy new trousers!

Here is my first bump pic. 

What do you think? Is it a pink or blue bump?

Miss E

Miss E makes me smile. Thursdays are our days where we have the day together just me and her, I catch up with my house work while Miss E chats away to me or her imaginary friend ‘George”!

I asked her a question today while she was rabbiting away to George and I’m not too sure that she was happy that I interrupted her!

It’s also amazing how much fun a new magazine and a pair of my old specs (without the lenses) can be!

Miss E really does make me smile :)

Happy Birthday Gizmodad

Yesterday was Gizmodad’s birthday, we had a family day of bowling and then went for a meal.

The girls love bowling and Miss C even bowled without the ramp this time and managed to get 2 spares, Miss E even got a strike and beat nanny!

Another fun afternoon had by all, thank you nanny and grandad.

A Gruffalo Hunt

This morning we went to North Thorndon Woods to go on a Gruffalo hunt. 

It costs 50p for a map trail and takes as long as you make it. Today was very muddy so Miss C enjoyed jumping in the muddy puddles and squelching in the mud. Miss E enjoyed walking in the leaves but didn’t like the mud! The boys enjoyed jumping in the puddles.

A great day had by all.

An afternoon watching Charlie and Lola

This year I have set myself a challenge of doing lots of family fun for free or next to nothing. 

We are Merlin Annual pass holders (which I think are worth their weight in gold) and also we are annual members of Colchester Zoo. 

So to start the year off to a good start today we went to see the Charlie and Lola stage show at Glow in Bluewater. I managed to find free tickets from Show Film First through a comping site I belong to.

So off we trundled to Bluewater and we had a fab time. Miss E was transfixed for the full 1hr it was on. My favourite part was when Lola was in the bath tub with the whales and bubbles. 

An afternoon at the park

Thursdays are the only day that I have all day to spend with the girls. In the mornings we go to a playgroup at a local church near Nana Cez. This afternoon we decided to go to the park that I used to go to as a child. Now it’s been at least 20 years (and the rest I hear Sara whisper!) since I played there but it brought back plenty of happy memories especially going back with my mum and sister.

Miss C, Miss E and Master T were really excited when we said we were going to the park.
Here are a few photos of them having fun unfortunately Miss E fell asleep on the way there.





Even Nana Cez had a go on the heltersceltor!


Not forgetting Miss E who was fast asleep.