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Meal Planning Monday


This week I am moving away from my slow cooker and creating some different dishes.
Homemade turkey burgers with potato wedges and salad or beans

Chicken curry with rice

Having dinner at my parents

Chilli with jacket spud

Chilli with rice and salad

Going out so using my slow cooker to do a pork joint

Left overs

What are you all eating this week?

Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday

It’s the first time I’m linking up to Meal Planning Monday I have been meaning to do it for a while but never get round to it!
This week I am trying to use up everything in the cupboards as we are going away at half term.


Prawns in a tomato and white wine sauce with pasta


Salmon Spaghetti


Toad in the hole, I’ve never made this before so may be calling Sara for some help!


Vegetable Risotto, again I’ve never made this but have the ingredients so might as well try it!


We are going away so won’t need to worry for a week.

What are you all having this week?

Risotto, again I’ve never had or made this but

Listography : 5 Things I want to do this summer

There are loads of bits I want to do this summer

I want to take my girls camping. Every year when I was little my mum and dad would pack up the car and we would head to France. I loved those holidays. Even if we camp out in the back garden that will count as a camping trip in my eyes!

I want to take the girls to a UK Sandy Beach. Today we went to Southend and it was such a lovely day but Caitlyn wanted to dig a really big hole with her bucket and spade and Ellie kept eating the stones.

I want to get fit. I have been saying that I am going to be doing a charity bike ride in September and need to get fit. From tomorrow I will be walking the dog and doing cycle rides to keep fit. I will also be watching what I eat so that the 2 work hand in hand.

I want to be in the garden playing with the girls. Caitlyn and Ellie love being in the garden, I am looking at using the garden as an additional room this summer. We have lots of garden toys to play with and they really enjoy playing with the sand and water table.

I want to do a car boot sale: Ellie has so many bits she has out grown along with Caitlyn’s bits. I normally donate them to charity but would be nice to get of spending money for our holiday in September.

Reasons to be cheerful week 19

I have been taking part in reasons to be cheerful off and on since it started.

Reason 1

My little baby Ellie can crawl, she is now getting everywhere but it is so much fun chasing after her.

Reason 2

I have been to 2 different blogging events this week, the Youngs Event where I learnt about fish and got a chance to cook with other bloggers.

I also went to Blogcamp and picked up lots of handy tips to improve my blog

Reason 3

Caitlyn is now fully potty trained and is doing really well

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