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Last week we were sent £80 of vouchers to try out our local Morrisons store for bank holiday goodies, we used the money to do our weekly shop.

We went to the one in Gray’s Essex, it’s not our closest but it’s a little bigger than the one in Dagenham and I also wanted to have a look at their clothing range for kids.

We loved the fact that there was so much to choose from in the Grays’s store, the girls enjoyed choosing the fruit they were gong to have for that week. I also found that there was a lot of bits on offer which I can never leave on the shelves. 

We filled our shopping trolley with goodies including bits to make a nice roast dinner, we found that the meat prices were great and we picked up a lovely joint which we had for dinner. 

For our bank holiday meal we had a yummy roast dinner that worked out pretty reasonable. 

Our favourite item we got was a sack of good old fashioned spuds 12kg for £3.50 and they are still going strong even when we’ve been using them everyday, they are yummy boiled, roasted, chipped and mashed so i’m very happy with them as i’m pretty fussy with my spuds!

We normally shop at Aldi as we aren’t too worried about brands but it is nice to eat some branded stuff like penguins! 

Since doing our shop at Morrisons last weekend we have done our weekly shop there again this week. 

I think i’m becoming a MorrisonsMum

Popband Review

I was intrigued by these new no dent hair bands by Popband. They are a fairly simple design made of a smooth elastic that grip hair surprisingly well. A few of our testers gave them a go.



- hold hair well without snagging

- more attractive than a normal hairband when keeping a spare on your wrist

- good variety of colours

- love the limited edition ones with Swarovski decorations


- stretch out quite quickly and although still work well as a hairband they look awful around the wrist

 - the knotted elastic is a bit awkward sticking out of your pony tail and can look a bit daft if you don’t position it sensibly

- really easy for my boys to pull out of my hair

On the whole we liked them, especially the ones with the Swarovski decorations

The one in the photo is £15 and available to purchase here.

MaByLand – Maxi Elite Change Bag

After having my second baby I was on the look out for a larger changing bag that could cope with baby stuff PLUS toilet training toddler stuff. Not only that – I wanted it to be small enough to fit neatly under my buggy so as not to interfere with the use of my buggy board – not much to ask hey? 

Along came Mabyland with the recommendation of their luxury collection:

After having a good read I decided to try the maxi elite in chocolate brown

The exterior wipes clean their is an extremely clever outside pocket which contains a fabulous size changing mat providing quick easy access to out and about changing facilities! There is an external pocket that is perfectly sized to hold nappies and wipes meaning no fumbling around in the inside if you need to change a bum! 

The inside has all the standard changing bag pockets and insulated bottle pockets but ALSO clear plastic wet bags and a huge amount of storage space for all the spare clothes, snacks, kitchen sink etc that you have to lug around on a day out. 

The unisex colour was great for hubby too and the bag would be ideal for a long day out or a weekend away. 

The only down side is that it did encourage me to take even more ‘just in case’ stuff out with me but my motto is ‘always be prepared’. I think it is it a great bag for a great price for those mums who like to make sure they have all they need. 

Dream Baby Grooming Kit

Every new parent is nervous when it comes to cutting those tiny little nails or brushing that delicate baby hair.

 Dreambaby have developed a lovely little grooming kit for the precious newborns out there (well their nervous parents really!). Included in the kit is a super pair of nail clippers which are easy to hold thanks to the plastic handles (no more slipping in those sweaty nervous fingers) and they are super sharp which means nail cutting is quick and simple.

 The kit also contains nail files, a comb, scissors a brush and a toothbrush – everything you need to take care of your little one,  it all comes in a neat little plastic case for the reasonable price of £9.99.

We loved the kit, the nail clippers were the best thing that we used, really easy to use on a wiggly baby.

Miss C

Miss C hasn’t been too well this week. While poorly at home she came up to me very proud of what she had done on the iPad.

Well done Miss C.

Bump Watch

With the girls I didn’t have much of a bump, this week I have grown a bump meaning I had to go out and buy new trousers!

Here is my first bump pic. 

What do you think? Is it a pink or blue bump?

Miss E

Miss E makes me smile. Thursdays are our days where we have the day together just me and her, I catch up with my house work while Miss E chats away to me or her imaginary friend ‘George”!

I asked her a question today while she was rabbiting away to George and I’m not too sure that she was happy that I interrupted her!

It’s also amazing how much fun a new magazine and a pair of my old specs (without the lenses) can be!

Miss E really does make me smile :)

Pink Lining Bramley Tote Review by Sara

All the mummies I know are on the look out for a stylish yet practical changing bag. After having my second I was looking for something a little bigger than the average bag to keep the multitude of essentials that I now needed to take out with me! Pink lining came to the rescue with their super stylish Bramley Tote. The minute it arrived it made me feel special with the beautiful pink packaging and the stunning prints. 

Pink lining say: Sling it over your shoulder to look like a lady who lunches, rather than a mummy who ends up wearing baby’s lunch!!! It is a bucket shape bag with a zip across the top so it has plenty of room for all your baby essentials. The bottle pouch and changing mat can be removed when you no longer need them or for when you have an outing to the pool or beach. This bag has a large zip pocket across the front for all mummy things. The bag also comes with two removable hook and stroll clip shoulder straps for easy fit over any pram/buggy handle bars. Internal Features: 1x removable insulated bottle holder, 2x nappy pockets, pen holder, key fob, mirror, phone pocket, small zip pocket, padded changing mat and wet zip bag.

I really like the versatility of the bag and would recommend it as a top present for all those wanna be stylish mummies! A great quality bag for a reasonable price.