The Scrummy Mummy

Because every mummy is scrummy

Meal Planning Monday

I’ve not really been planning my meals recently but to get back into the swing of things when the girls go back to school I am restarting this week.

I’m also trying to use up everything in the freezer as I want to start doing a batch prep at the weekend so that I can have everything ready for the week.


Tonight we had cod, chips and peas


We are having a day trip to Poole so we are going to grab something on the way hope as we don’t get back till late


Chilli, Rice and Salad

This will use up the jar of chilli I have had sitting in the cupboard for ages


Gizmodad is working away so the girls and I are going to have pizza


Roast Chicken


Sausages, mash and peas with onion gravy


I’m not sure yet as we do our shopping on a Sunday

I’m really hoping we stick to our menu