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Popband Review

I was intrigued by these new no dent hair bands by Popband. They are a fairly simple design made of a smooth elastic that grip hair surprisingly well. A few of our testers gave them a go.



- hold hair well without snagging

- more attractive than a normal hairband when keeping a spare on your wrist

- good variety of colours

- love the limited edition ones with Swarovski decorations


- stretch out quite quickly and although still work well as a hairband they look awful around the wrist

 - the knotted elastic is a bit awkward sticking out of your pony tail and can look a bit daft if you don’t position it sensibly

- really easy for my boys to pull out of my hair

On the whole we liked them, especially the ones with the Swarovski decorations

The one in the photo is £15 and available to purchase here.