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MaByLand – Maxi Elite Change Bag

After having my second baby I was on the look out for a larger changing bag that could cope with baby stuff PLUS toilet training toddler stuff. Not only that – I wanted it to be small enough to fit neatly under my buggy so as not to interfere with the use of my buggy board – not much to ask hey? 

Along came Mabyland with the recommendation of their luxury collection:

After having a good read I decided to try the maxi elite in chocolate brown

The exterior wipes clean their is an extremely clever outside pocket which contains a fabulous size changing mat providing quick easy access to out and about changing facilities! There is an external pocket that is perfectly sized to hold nappies and wipes meaning no fumbling around in the inside if you need to change a bum! 

The inside has all the standard changing bag pockets and insulated bottle pockets but ALSO clear plastic wet bags and a huge amount of storage space for all the spare clothes, snacks, kitchen sink etc that you have to lug around on a day out. 

The unisex colour was great for hubby too and the bag would be ideal for a long day out or a weekend away. 

The only down side is that it did encourage me to take even more ‘just in case’ stuff out with me but my motto is ‘always be prepared’. I think it is it a great bag for a great price for those mums who like to make sure they have all they need.