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Searching for a Dress for Mummy

I am 34 in 2 weeks. My style hasn’t really changed in for the past 10years.20 years!

I have a uniform of jeans, leggings, jeggings and long T-shirts. Losing some weight has made me feel less frumpy so I have been looking at some dresses to make me feel more girly and chic.

When looking for dresses online I begin to feel scared as I don’t really know what I’m looking for. I don’t want a designer dress as let’s face it I’m not a millionaire and most of my money is spent on the kids so when I do have some spare pennies to spend on myself I like to know that I’m getting good quality and value for my money!

I don’t know about you but I hate shopping for clothes with my husband and even more so with the girls in tow. Now lets face it 20 years ago shopping for clothes was a completely different ball game, I’d meet my friends in town and we would have all day to mooch round the shops and try whatever we wanted on and it was a brilliant day out, now with the husband and kids it is hassle rather than fun. I like the fact I can spend an hour or so in the evening browsing the web looking at pretty dresses while he is watching the tv.

I’ve found my new dress to wear out to dinner on my birthday that will make me look girly and pretty.


I may even treat myself to a couple of other ones as there are so many gorgeous dresses at New Look.




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  • Georgie green

    Ooh I like the spotty one. I haven’t worn a dress for ages because of breast feeding