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PoundLand Challenge

If you are a regular reader you will know that I love PoundLand! I go in my local one 2 times a week to see if there are any bargains, today they are selling PG tips for £1!

Anyway back to my challenge. I was sent £15 to spend on groceries to see what I could get for the money. I have to admit I normally bypass most of the groceries so was quite excited to see what I could get. I spent ages trying to decide what put in my basket as there was a lot to choose from, in the end I decided to get bits to go in pack lunches and bits that would come in useful for the meal plan I had decided on for that week.


I was making a chilli that night so the rice and tinned tomatoes were a great way to save money as they were both 3 for £1.
The girls love jelly and the capri suns came in handy for their lunches. Daddy enjoyed the soup tubes so much that we went back and got more as they were so handy to have in his work bag. His friend at work went and bought some as they are so handy!

You can pick up great bargains at PoundLand, I do think that if you don’t mind I branded products you might find them cheaper elsewhere but for those who love branded food you get some great bargains.

  • Kim Carberry

    We love it!!…..My fella works in one so he knows the goodies which are coming in….We now have cupboards full of cereal….So much cheaper than elsewhere!