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Active Rainforest Honey Review and Giveaway

I often hear that honey has healing powers so when I was offered to try out this gorgeous gift set in time for Mothers Day I was quite excited.

Mother's Day Gift Pack RRP 15.99

Mums can boost their health and wellbeing inside and out as the Active Rainforest Honey from Chile has not only been shown in studies to possess powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties, but also has immediate and remarkable moisturising and soothing properties, nourishing the skin.  It has stronger biopotency than Manuka honey and taken directly on a spoon, on toast, or added to cold drinks and food, it tastes great too!

New mums might like to know that recommended use twice daily of the Antiseptic Honey20+ can help to diminish stretch marks and scars.

Who would have thought that honey could have so many uses!

The special edition Active Rainforest Honey Gift Pack is available to buy online at £15.99 from leading vitamins and supplements company Lifeplan at  and also from selected health food retailers.

I was a bit dubious about trying the antiseptic honey as I was worried that it would be really sticky, I was pleasantly surprised that although it was sticky putting it on, it wasn’t sticky afterwards and smelt quite pleasant. I have been using the antiseptic honey on my stretch marks and it seems to be calming them down!

The honey I gave to my mum to try as she has been using honey for a while now for her health and well being. She said it is nice and has a strong flavour but all in all my mum likes the honey and feels that it is great for her wellbeing.

For your chance to win a special edition Active Rainforest Honey Gift Pack then leave a comment below.

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  • Claire

    I’d love to try this, my skin definitely needs some nourishment and Ilike to use honey every morning on my weetabix:)

  • Claire

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  • wendy stanger (@kikicomp)

    I always use honey if my kids have sore throats much better than any medicine

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    Never though Honey could have so many uses

  • Allanah Kirkham

    Looks like a fantastic giveaway. The product looks great. If it can help to diminish stretch marks, it gets a thumbs up from me. Tweeted too, @Kirky2Allanah


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  • joanne

    These are absolutely scrummy. I’d love to win them. Sharing them with my family!!

  • Katherine Aitken

    ooohh, I would love some of this. Anything to boost my health has to be good!

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    Love the nourishing and medicinal properties of the product x

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  • Bev

    I’ve used honey as a face mask quite a lot. It’s very soothing and does seem to help heal sore patches of skin. Didn’t know about the stretch marks benefits- very interesting…
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  • Tim Bain

    Can’t beat honey :)

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  • Ruth M Tesdale

    I love honey and I have wanted to try antiseptic honey on my husbands wounds that seem to not heal easily

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  • Amelia Kennedy

    Honey is wonderful stuff … it’s pure, tastes fantastic and is renowned for its healing powers. I love it!

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    would love to win

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  • Tracy Nixon

    I love honey! Please pop my name in the hat! Thanks for another inspiring review!

  • Yasmin

    The antiseptic honey would be great for my mum’s radiotherapy burns and she love to eat honey for breakfast. Thanks for this lovely competition.

  • Emma Jackson

    I’d love to have a Happy Scrummy Mummy’s Day ^_^

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    wow, would love to win :-D hunny yummmyyy x lol xx


    Ooh would love to win this,looks lush !

  • David Prince

    Give me the honey mummy

  • Jill Webb

    My mum has used honey for grazes for many years and im sure it has stoped her legs ulcerating on occassions, great give away

  • helen tovell

    would love to give to my mum entry please

  • steve swider

    nice something new to try out


    i see a lot about how good honey is but never tried it, would love to win this so i can see if it helps :)


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  • Steph Meakin

    Would love to try!!

  • andrea miles

    sounds gorgeous

  • julie west

    Lovely Prize Hunny is such a great gift from those lovely bee’s so many health benefits

  • Alice

    I would like to try this product as I am feeling quite run down just now. Looking at the pretty daffodils and sunny skies makes me want to feel more invigorated.

  • Bernie

    Would love to try this out to see if it could reduce my keloid scars.

  • Clare Hall

    Honey is scrummy. Makes me feel like Winnie The Pooh!

  • diane findlay

    sounds fab

  • Jenny Eyre

    I have used the normal stretch mark creams from the high street with no visible changes so would love to try this as scars are quite deep!!

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  • Teresa Lee

    Excellent giveaway….Thanks

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    I’d love to win, my Dad kept bees when I was young and there’s nothing like good honey :)

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    sounds like decadent indulgence

  • Nicky Jennings

    Started using honey products on my horses at first, amazing stuff!!

  • Mandy Wan

    awesome prize x

  • Alice Hindley

    Would love to try this – thanks for the giveaway

  • Hilda Hazel Wright

    Thanks for the competition. Honey is on my list of things to try. Over the last year I’ve started eating all sorts of things that I’ve never really liked and found that I’ve aquired a taste for them…like mushrooms and olives!!! I think having a long term healthy diet for the first time has changed my tastes and I like it!

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  • Caroline B and our growing bump :)

    thanks, have heard great things about this stuff!

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    what a prize do for me

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    Great prize

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    I love honey so much, I’m sure I was once a bumble bee!!
    I’d bee delighted if I found this honey, buzzing its way to me!!

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    Honey has magical properties :)

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    Fascinating to hear about honey’s properties, I just thought it tasted good on crumpets!

  • Mark Palmer

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  • Cheryl M

    My mother uses honey in cooking a lot so this would be a wonderful little extra for Mother’s day!

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    I read about this in Natural Health magazine – its sounds like great stuff.

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    I’m not joking when I say I will try anything to minimise my stretchmarks – especially as we’re finally approaching summer! Would definately try on toast as well tho :P @pipersky1

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  • Deborah Wheeler

    I love honey – my brother in law keeps bees in the garden and makes honey and it’s delicious but so much work for so little product so would love to try this

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    I love honey on my porridge every morning, and would also like nice soft skin!

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    i love the look of this honey the labels look fantastic to. it says a lot about a product when people make the effort with the design label

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  • Samantha Wesley

    I love honey and my Mom and I absolutely swear by it. We both have a teaspoon of honey a day and I very, very rarely get a cold, or generally ill. It is the best natural healer there is in my opinion.

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