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GumiGem Review and Giveaway

I received this gorgeous Noel GumiGem to review just before Christmas.


Ellie is 15 months now and has a really annoying habit of pulling my necklace and my jumper to chomp on when I am giving her a cuddle.

My GumiGem is my saviour as Ellie is now chomping on the pendant rather than my necklace and I know it is safe.

Me being me had to see what it felt like on my teeth and I have to admit it is a really nice feeling and doesn’t have a taste which put me at ease, although when I wear perfume I am conscious of not putting it on my neck.

GumiGems are a great product for babies who are teething and also for toddlers alike and even Caitlyn likes playing with it when I am wearing it.

We have a Noel GumiGem to giveaway.

Just leave me a comment below to enter.

The giveaway will end 7th Feb 2012 at midnight

Winner Helen Forrest

  • Anna Miz

    Please enter me, I would love to win Gumigem xxx

    • Joanna Smith

      This would look lovely with a gorgeous, ethnic print dress I got for Christmas!

  • Kirsty Ivanoski-Nichol

    Pick me and my perpetually teething lady!

  • Angela Green

    Please enter me! This looks lovely yet is really practical!

  • Angie Allen

    Please enter me for this fab Giveaway

  • gerry easton

    looks ideal

  • Catherine Owen

    Please enter me x

  • Tracy Nixon

    Please pop my name in the hat! I have heard and read so many great GumiGem reviews – would love to try one!

  • 18274170477933898400

    this would be ideal for my daughter & grandson

  • Ashleigh

    please include me!

  • Bernie

    What a lovely idea – please enter me.

  • Jane Davis

    What a great idea! Please enter me!

  • Alison Bruce

    Love to win this.

  • tracey horrex

    please enter me would love to win this for my daughter.

  • helen forrest

    Hi I have seen these recently and would love to have one. I hope you will consider me for the prize. best wishes Helen.

  • Pamela Gossage

    Enter me please.I would love to win a Gumigem

  • kirstine meredith

    would love to win :)

  • john meredith

    would love to win :) my wife keeps going on about these!!!!

  • Melanie Hunt

    please enter me into the giveaway. i know just the gums that would love this lol

  • Lyn

    Please enter me to win the GumiGem

  • Mark Shaw

    Great prize, please enter me too.


    perfect for my teething 4 month old :) :)

  • Julie Picton

    These look amazing

  • Vicky Hall

    Cause it would be great for baby and i would get to wear something new for a change!

  • Chris

    Sounds Perfect.

    Please could you enter me and my baby into the competition .

    Thankyou kindly

  • diane findlay

    would love to win this great prize

  • Lucy Walker

    Great idea! Would love to win a GumiGem.x

  • Ruth Tesdale

    I would love to win this to gift to a friend who is a new mother.

  • Hilda Wright

    That looks nice enough to wear even when you don’t have a baby chewing on you! ;-)

  • Rachel Davis

    They look amazing, I want one! Please enter me :-) x

  • abigail Edkins

    Id love for you to add me to this fab competition…These werent around when I had my first two but Ive heard so much since having my third and id love to try one..well not me, my son but you know what I mean : ) Thank you lovely

  • Lyndsey Allison

    Please please please enter me!!

  • 05495045255054764632

    I love the design, could wear on a (rare) night out and nobody would notice



    Could I please be entered into your wondeful competition?

  • Victoria Boland

    Please enter me in the draw.

  • Kerri Dunn

    How lovely! Perfect for little teeth

  • Nicole

    They look great, enter me please!

  • Sarah Martin

    I would love to win one of these for my son, he has sensory processing disorder and has to have something to chew on.

  • Alice Hindley

    would love to win Gumigem

  • Solange

    Enter me please

  • olivia kirby

    I would love to try this! Fed up with bite marks from my gorgeous little teething boy!!

  • michaela britton

    enter me pls

  • maureen findley

    proper nice. enter me please.

  • Angela Webster

    I think these are a brilliant idea, I would like to enter please :-)


  • Katherine Aitken

    This is a lovely looking necklace with a purpose to it as well. Please enter me.

  • Marina Frow

    would love to win, great product!

  • Caroline Cummins

    Wow!! These are SUCH a great idea, I know Freddie (my baby) would love to get his gums round one of these, and also they are a really great gift idea!!

    Please enter me into the draw!

  • Kara Guppy

    Please enter me, I’ve managed to lose mine!!!! Thank you x x

  • Mark Palmer

    Would love to win

  • Jenny Harper

    That’s a great idea! My little boy is always interested in playing with my necklace too!

  • Joanna Coleshill

    Fab prize, I’d love to win!

  • dianne parrinder

    Love to win this.

  • Heather Shaw

    How pretty. Great prize!

  • Karen Barrett

    Thanks for the giveaway, please include me x

  • Kristian

    Please enter me into the draw, Thanks.

  • Sandy Hill

    Would love one of these to be prepared for when we get to teething!

  • Sarah Ballantyne

    Please enter me, these look great xxx

  • Lisa Wilkinson

    These are a great idea. Please enter me.

  • nikki moore

    please enter me, i can be contacted on

  • Emma Lowe

    this would be ideal to win, daughter has just cut her first 2 teeth, so plently more to come

  • Helen Porter

    never heard of these before great idea would be ideal for my son to stop him chewing on me!!

  • Amy Begley

    what a wonderful idea – never seen anything like it before – genius!

  • hazel rush

    What a great idea! I’d love to win!

  • amanda egglestone

    Please enter me

  • Kate S

    I’ve heard a lot about GumiGems and would love to win one as I have bubba number 2 due soon – wish I’d known about them first time around when my toddler was teething!
    Twitter @pondering_kate

  • Kayleigh

    Fab comp. Please enter me!

  • Cathryn Bowen

    would love to win

  • Celia West

    Would love to win this for my daughter and my gorgeous Granddaughter


    Please enter me into the competition. Thanks

  • Deborah Bird

    These look fab, i would love to be entered please :) x

  • Isabelle Smith

    Please include me :)

  • yvonne clark

    Please enter me in your fabulous draw

  • Susan Bowe

    Awesome competition and brilliant idea

  • Cheryll H

    Perfect timing, if I don’t win it I’ll have to buy one! :)

  • Kerry Waters

    Great idea, my daughter might stop biting her fingers and use this instead x

  • Belynda Dunsmore

    Please enter me, what a lovely thing to win!

  • Clare Wood

    pls enter me love the idea

  • Hanna OBrien

    Please enter me – looks great!

  • Rebecca Lee

    Fantasic! I’ve had the baby chomping on my necklace problem before. What a great solution!

  • Deborah Dixon

    What a fab idea

  • kayleigh louise

    lovely prize id love 2 b enetered x

  • 08722138519264517998

    My little boy is just starting to teethe so this would come in very handy

  • Annemieke Troost

    lovely necklace , would love to win one , so my baby can chew safely on my jewellery :)

  • Carolina J.

    I’d love to win! Thank you. @pandcands

  • Pauline Appleton

    Would love to try this for my baby grandaughter

  • Gemma

    Am on verge of buying one would be nicer to win one though!

  • Nicole S.

    Would love to be in this wonderful competition! Thank you!

  • Samantha Wesley

    I’d love to win this, please include me :)

  • nicola barter

    Would love to win this!!

  • Claire Higgins

    I think I really need to try these out, as Tianna is chewing away on anything atm, please enter me, xxx

  • Keeley

    Oh wow, these are gorgeous AND practical!
    I need one <3

  • sarah clegg

    ooh yes please i really could do with this xx

  • june smith

    my grandaughter is teething badly this would be ideal would love to win this x

  • Andrea K

    please enter me