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December 2011 archive

Knots no more Review and Giveaway

We were sent 3 products to try out on Caitlyn’s unruly mane!

Picture 54486

I am lucky in that although Caitlyn does have unruly hair in that it gets tangled very easily, she does like having her hair washed but hates having her hair brushed, so anything that takes the stress out of the cries when brushing her hair is worth a try.

Knots no more 2 in 1 Strawberry Milkshake DETANGLING
SHAMPOO, £2.99
· No-tears, conditioning formula
· SLS free
· Non allergenic fragrance
· No parabens

We found the detangling shampoo smelt really nice, it had a strong smell that did smell of strawberries. I was easy to brush Caitlyn’s hair after washing it so it gets a thumbs up from me.

Knots no more Strawberry Milkshake DETANGLING SPRAY,

· Quick and convenient leave-in spray
· Enables trouble free brushing
· Tames frizz
· Can be used on dry hair too

We found that a little went a long way, especially on dry hair as when we used it as the directions said it left her hair greasy.

Knots no more DETANGLING  BRUSH, £6.99 
· Soft flexible bristles glide through all hair
types without snagging
· Easy-grip butterfly design encourages
children to brush their own hair
· Keepsake pot is perfect for storing
bobbles and clips
(hair accessories not included)

This was our favourite product of all as it takes out all stress of brushing her hair as it is a great brush but also fun.

All products are available at Tesco and Sainsbuys.

We have been given 4 brushes to giveaway.

All you need to do is leave me a comment below telling me you want to be entered.

The giveaway will end 21st December 2011 at midnight

Arm and Hammer Spinbrush My Way Toothbrush Giveaway

A few months ago we did a review for the My Way Toothbrush.


The toothbrush has really encouraged Caitlyn to clean her teeth as she loves the fact it has been personalised by herself.

We have been given 4 My Ways to giveaway.

Leave a comment telling me whether you want to win a girls or boys one

This giveaway closes 18th December 2011 at midnight

Wen Sweet Almond Mint Review and Giveaway

We were sent a box set of Wen by Chaz Dave to review.

Picture 2386

Wen is an SLS-free range that consists mainly of a cleansing conditioner – this replaces the shampoo and conditioner, perfect for your typical man, but also ideal for your more metrosexual man who wants to look after his locks as well as all those in between. The cleansing conditioner cleanses the hair (and as it has no SLS, does not lather) and conditions it at the same time.

The range also has two styling products – a texture balm which can create perfect messed-up effect as it comes in a stick format  and a styling crème which helps with fly-away hairs whilst helping with moisture.

We really liked the cleansing conditioner, we did find it weird that there wasn’t any lather as you get so used to thinking that if there isn’t lather your hair doesn’t get clean however after using the cleansing conditioner it left our hair really clean and left it feeling great and looking shiny. The smell of the Sweet Almond Mint smell gorgeous and left our hair with the gorgeous smell.

We also received the styling products which both Gizmodad and I have been using.

The styling creme goes on really well and isn’t too sticky like some cremes I have used in the past. The texture balm was my favourite product as it leaves my hair smelling lovely and keeps it in the style I want. I also find with both products a little goes a long way.

You can purchase the products from Wen

We have been given 5 Cleansing Conditioners to giveaway. So for your chance of winning 1 leave me a comment below to tell me you want to be entered.

This giveaway ends 18th December 2011 at midnight

Little Bag of MamaBliss Review and Giveaway

We were sent a Little Bag of MamaBliss to review. I have to admit when I had a giveaway of the Bliss Sticks to give away I was a tad jeaulos that I couldn’t enter so when MamaBabyBliss asked me if I wanted to review the Little Bag of MamaBliss I was really excited.


What’s included in the Little Bag of MamaBliss


  • “Ooh…” – a lush healing bath soak with the soothing and sensuous properties of lavender oil to relax and the added extracts of calendula, aloe vera and geranium for post-natal healing. (100ml). Natural active ingredients: Aloe Vera, Calendula, Lavender and Geranium Oils ‘.
  • “Bliss Stick…Uplifting Oil” – designed to give mums an instant boost this little pulse point oil contains aromatherapy oils that will relieve a tired mind and lift the spirits. (10ml). Natural active ingredients: Aloe Vera, Calendula, Bergamot, Lime and Geranium Oils ‘.


  • “Aaah…Soothing Mummy Baby Balm” – our new mums love this one! An all-natural rescue balm for mummy and baby. Great for soothing sore nipples and any other chapped skin areas but also wonderful for treating baby ailments such as cradle cap and eczema. (50ml) DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED AND PEDIATRICIAN APPROVED. Natural active ingredients: Sunflower oil, Beeswax, Shea butter, Mango butter, Vitamin E .

I absolutely loved the bath soak, it gave me a chance to feel really relaxed and smelt gorgeous. The lavender really came through and made me feel really calm.

I keep the Bliss Stick in my hand bag and it’s great to dab some on when I need that little lift especially when I’m out and need that little pick me up, it’ great at work too when I feel tired. I have had a lot of people asking what perfume I am wearing as they like the smell.

I have been using the baby balm on my heels as they have been cracked and it has really softened them and we have been using it on Gizmodad’s heels.

My favourite product is the Bliss Stick

The Little Bag of MamaBliss is £19.95

The lovely people at Mama Baby Bliss have given us a Little Bag of Bliss to giveaway.

All you need to do is leave me a comment

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Swizzels Matlow Christmas Tubes Review and Giveaway

Do you ever get fed up of chocolate in your stocking? Why not try one of the Christmas tubes by Swizzels Matlow?


Christmas tubes

We received 2 tubes of sweets, Love Hearts and Refreshers. When Gizmodad realised we had a tube of refreshers he decided that he was going to eat them, I didn’t get a look in! The Love Hearts have been claimed by Caitlyn and we love the size of them as they are perfect for little ones.

I think that these tubes are great for stockings there are enough sweets to get your teeth into and makes a great change from the traditional chocolate.

The Christmas tubes are £1.49

Swizzels Matlow have given us 6 tubes of sweets to giveaway. To be in for a chance to win 1 of 6 tubes, leave me a comment below.

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Blissful Rest Scented Candle Review and Giveaway

I am always looking out for gorgeous stocking fillers for my mum. I was asked to review The Blissful Rest Scented Candle for Find Me A Gift.

I hadn’t heard of the site before but they have great ideas for gift for everyone. The candle that I was sent was lovely.

image010 (1)

I loved the packaging and when you take the lid off the candle is really pretty. I loved the smell and felt very at ease when burning it. Even Gizmodad who doesn’t like me burning candles said he liked the smell and thought it was a very pretty candle.

I love that you can put the lid back on it when you are not burning it as it the pot looks really pretty on the shelf.

At £6.99 I think that it is a lovely stocking filler that any scrummy mummy would love. I will be putting one on my Christmas list as mine has finished ( it has a burn of 30-35 hours. )

We have been given 4 Blissful Rest Scented Candles to give away.

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Interactive Story Buddies Review and Giveaway

We were sent Cooper the interactive story buddy to review from Hallmark.

hallmark story buddys watson jingle husky cooper

Cooper is a very cute bear who interacts with the story book. Caitlyn is too young to read herself but found it really fun with me reading and Cooper interacting. Both Caitlyn and myself were amazed when Cooper started talking when certain phrases were said.

The bear is really soft and is great as a friendly companion to take out and about and the books have good stories. We have brought Caitlyn another book for Christmas as the more books you have the more interactive the story buddies become.

I think this is a great gift for a child especially one who loves soft toys and books, we have had great fun with ours.

The story buddies are available from Hallmark at £19.99 and the books are £5.99

We have been given 3 Jingle Story Buddies to giveaway


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Simple Gift Sets Review and Giveaway

I was sent 2 different gift sets from Simple.

I used Simple in my teenage years and loved it so was eager to try it now in my 30s.

Simply Super

Featuring three classic Simple products, this gift set will keep skin perfectly cleansed and hydrated throughout Christmas and beyond. It features full-size products including: SimpleKind To Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion,Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner and Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser.


This set was really nice as it had everything I needed for my daily facial routine. The cleanser and toner made my face feel really clean and the moisturiser absorbed really well and made my skin feel soft. I found that the Simple range was very gentle on my skin and didn’t have a strong smell which I found appealing.

The Simple Super Set is £7 and available at Morrison’s, Saisbury’s and Tesco

Essential Goodness

This gift includes full-size party-perfect skin essentials in a funky toiletry bag including: Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes and SimpleKind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser.


The Essential Goodness Set is really useful especially when traveling, I found the wipes really refreshing. The bag was a really handy to put in an overnight bag.

This set would make a great stocking filler and is available at Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and Tesco for £5


We have been given a Simply Super to giveaway

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Win Vango Mug and Flask Set

The lovely people at Vango have given us a Mug and Flask Set to giveaway.


image001 (3)

This will make a great Christmas present for someone who enjoys the outdoors.

All you need to do is leave me a comment below saying you want to be entered

The giveaway will close 12th December 2011 at midnight

Sleeping Bags For Children

While looking for ideas for Christmas presents for children we were asked to review The Nitestar Baby and Vaude Charlie sleeping bags. We all love camping so thought it would be great to try these out.

The Nitestar Baby



The Nitestar Baby comes in a bag rolled up so it is nice and small to store. Once we unpacked it Caitlyn tried to get into it, after explaining this one was for Ellie we put Ellie in it and we were really impressed a how snuggly it felt. It is great that we can use it on the buggy as it will protect Ellie from the elements.

In the summer we went camping and struggled in the night with Ellie as she was too small to put in a normal sleeping bag but with The Nitestar Baby she would have been really comfy.

It is also great as the sleeping bag opens flat so makes a great play mat or change mat is really versatile.

The Nitestar is £22


For Caitlyn we were sent the Vaude Charlie Sleeping Bag.


Caitlyn was really excited when we took her one out the bag, she jumped right in it as she thought it was great having a sleeping bag for her size (although because she is quite tall she was just  small enough to go in it).

The inside is really soft with a fleece type material, she loved the fact that it did right up and she found it easy to do the zip herself.

Caitlyn wanted to go camping so instead we let her sleep in it on her bed she was so comfy she slept all night.

We use the Vaude on the pushchair too and it keeps the girls really warm in the cold weather we have been having. I can’t wait to try it on the buggy in the snow and camping next year.

The Vaude Charlie is available for £60