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Light speed i helicopter A Review by Gizmodad

This toy helicopter is unique in that it uses your iPod/iPhone or iPad to control it rather than a separate controller.

The helicopter features a gyroscope for added control and stability, flashing lights and robust metal construction. In the box you get spare blades which are the most commonly broken part.

In the box you get the dongle for your iPhone, the helicopter and a lead to allow you to charge both from a USB port on your computer (not included lol)

Charging takes about 60minutes for the dongle and 45minutes for the helicopter – fortunately the controller lasts a few flights and in use the helicopter lasts about 9-12minutes.

The app to control the helicopter is free and will work with any recent model iPod/iPhone (tested with the 4s)

You get forward/back/left/right and throttle(up/down) controls plus a ‘turbo’ switch and a button for the lights, as well as left/right trim.

It’s easy enough to fly, your first few tries will just be with the throttle to get used to it then introduce movement and turning once you can hover. It can vary from very sensitive to a bit sluggish, and I found I’d easily miss the joystick style movement control as I’d be too busy looking where the helicopter was going, and with no physical feedback from the screen you don’t quite know what you’re pressing. You can also use a motion sensitive tilt mode but I found this even worse!

The helicopter is fun, and survived a few rough landings and collisions (due mainly to the dodgy controls) with no damage, but then randomly it has now stopped working properly and just flies in increasingly large circles upon take off until it inevitably crashes. I think the gyro is broken, as there is no damage to the rotors, which is annoying given it hadn’t had a bad crash or anything.

If i was paying £29.99 I’d expect better build quality, and to be honest you would be better off buying an equivalent helicopter that included an actual controller as the iPhone control just seems to be a gimmick.