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Tatty Teddy Christmas Gift Box. Review and Giveaway

In my search for Christmas gifts I was asked if I would like to review the Tatty Teddy Christmas Gift Box. I was happy to obliged I love Tatty Teddy and I love Chocolate so was in my element.



Both bears feature Tatty Teddy’s signature blue nose, and the joy of the Christmas pack is that you can have your bear and eat it!  Once the chocolate bear’s gone, there’s still a fluffy grey Tatty Teddy with a festive red gingham bow that will be treasured forever. Small enough to sit on a bedside table or a desk, one little paw’s embroidered with the message that says it all at Christmas – ‘Me to You’.

For even more cute factor, the box comes with an illustration of Tatty Teddy with a Christmas stocking.   Unlike most other characters, Tatty Teddy has universal appeal, and this will make a really affordable and special gift for best friends, mums and relations everywhere.

I loved everything to do with this gift set, I think it makes a great gift for tweens as it really does have the cute factor.

The chocolate is a nice tasting chocolate and my Tatty Teddy is in sitting on my bedside table which Caitlyn keeps trying to claim as her own!

You can buy Tatty Teddy Christmas Gift Set from Morrisons for £6.99

We have been given a Tatty Teddy Christmas Gift Box to Giveaway.

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Light speed i helicopter A Review by Gizmodad

This toy helicopter is unique in that it uses your iPod/iPhone or iPad to control it rather than a separate controller.

The helicopter features a gyroscope for added control and stability, flashing lights and robust metal construction. In the box you get spare blades which are the most commonly broken part.

In the box you get the dongle for your iPhone, the helicopter and a lead to allow you to charge both from a USB port on your computer (not included lol)

Charging takes about 60minutes for the dongle and 45minutes for the helicopter – fortunately the controller lasts a few flights and in use the helicopter lasts about 9-12minutes.

The app to control the helicopter is free and will work with any recent model iPod/iPhone (tested with the 4s)

You get forward/back/left/right and throttle(up/down) controls plus a ‘turbo’ switch and a button for the lights, as well as left/right trim.

It’s easy enough to fly, your first few tries will just be with the throttle to get used to it then introduce movement and turning once you can hover. It can vary from very sensitive to a bit sluggish, and I found I’d easily miss the joystick style movement control as I’d be too busy looking where the helicopter was going, and with no physical feedback from the screen you don’t quite know what you’re pressing. You can also use a motion sensitive tilt mode but I found this even worse!

The helicopter is fun, and survived a few rough landings and collisions (due mainly to the dodgy controls) with no damage, but then randomly it has now stopped working properly and just flies in increasingly large circles upon take off until it inevitably crashes. I think the gyro is broken, as there is no damage to the rotors, which is annoying given it hadn’t had a bad crash or anything.

If i was paying £29.99 I’d expect better build quality, and to be honest you would be better off buying an equivalent helicopter that included an actual controller as the iPhone control just seems to be a gimmick.

Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Products by Gizmodad

As much as I hate shaving constant nagging from the scummy mummy means every now and then I give in, so any product that makes it easier is sure to be popular with me.

The bluebeards range I got given included the shaving foam, shaving brush and post-shave moisturiser.

Best used after a hot bath/shower to soften the hair the shave brush is used with a tiny amount of the shave cream (they say an almond sized amount is ideal) to create a thick creamy lather.

The brush is really nice, with a solid wood handle and they say it will last for years if rinsed and left to air drybafterveach use. The bristles are quite hard, which seems to lift your beard hair really well and I’m sure exfoliates at the same time.

The shave cream works fine even with a cheapie supermarket own brand razor, and the shave is comfortable and skin left feeling smooth. It doesn’t seem to irritate your skin at all, and afterwards the moisturiser soothes your skin and leaves it free from any discomfort.

There is supposedly an ingredient in there that will gradually reduce the hair growth, but a) I haven’t tried it for long enough and b) the last thing I need is a reduction in hair growth!

Overall really good and good Value For Money

We have been given a tub of Bluebeards and a Shaving Brush to giveaway.

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MÁDARA Firming Eye Contour Gel–A Review

Now that I am in my 30’s I have often been told that I don’t look my age, most people would guess my age at 25 but when I look in the mirror I have started to see fine lines. Something I notice is that my lines are around my eyes, I want to believe that the lines are laughter lines but I know I need to start using a eye cream.

I was sent MÁDARA Firming Eye Contour Gel to try.

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The claims

This lightly textured and deeply hydratinggel helps to smooth out fine lines while firming the delicate eye area. Its natural formulation which includes the Baltic botanicals of cucumber, parsley, aloe and horse chestnut which help in reducing puffiness, dark circles and signs of fatigue.

Apply to your eye area on a daily basis, patting gently with your fingertips for best possible results.


I have now been using the gel on a daily basis for a couple of months and have really noticed a difference. When I put the gel on it is really cooling and feels lovely, it makes me feel quite relaxed.

What surprised me about the gel is that it didn’t feel greasy once it was on which has put me of using eye gel in the past.

The Firming Eye Contour Gel is £23

Children’s Stocking Filler Ideas

I love Christmas and I like nothing more than finding cute little gifts that I can put into the girls stockings.

Monkey Drum

The cute Tinga Tinga Tales Drum has been a great hit with Ellie, she loves nothing better than running around shaking the monkey so that it makes a banging noise. Caitlyn loves to use the monkey drum properly and is really good at spinning it. The drum is a firm favourite toy in the scrummy mummy household!

JASON Pure Natural Hand And Body Lotion–A Review

I was sent JASON hand and body lotion to review. As my regular readers know I do like lotion.

cocoa butter hand and body lotion- high res

I loved the look of the packaging and when I flipped the lid the scent was amazing. The main smell is of cocoa butter. When I use it as a hand lotion I get a lot of comments saying how nice it smells.

I found that the lotion felt really smooth going on and absorbed really quickly which I think is really important when buying a hand and body lotion

The smell stayed on my skin for quiet a long time which I thought was great however my husband didn’t like the fact it stayed on me as he really didn’t like the smell.

The hand and body lotion I tried is £6.99 and available to buy at

Baylis & Harding Funky Farm Range : A Review and Giveaway

We were sent some different products from the Funky Farm Range to try out.

Caitlyn loves bath time especially when she can put the bubbles in the bath. So with these gift sets it made it easier as I was able to let Caitlyn choose which scent she wanted. With the selection set the bottles are small so Caitlyn would empty out one bottle into the bath and felt very grown up putting the bubbles in by herself.

The jar set comes with large bottles and a sponge, the transfer on the sponge came off after a couple of uses but the bottles of bubble bath lasted us for 3-4 baths.

Our favourite scent was the berry scent as it smelt so fruity. It made the bath smell lovely and left the girls smelly gorgeous after their bath.

The gift packs start at £6 and I think they make a lovely toiletry gift.

Caitlyn’s favourite gift set was the selection pack. We have been given 2 selection gift sets to giveaway. 

All you need to do is leave me a comment below saying you want to be entered. 

This giveaway ends Dec 3rd at midnight


Stocking Fillers For Her

Every Christmas my sisters and I always had a Lypsyl in our stocking. We always fought over who was going to get the strawberry one!

We received 3 Lypsyl’s from the fruity range to try including Strawberry Polka-Dot which is tinted. When I unpacked them it made me giggle as Ellie and Caitlyn argued over them and wanted me to put them on their lips.

My favourite is watermelon, I really love the smell and leaves a nice taste on my lips.

Lypsyl is £1.49

Qsilica REJUVENATE Invigorating Body Lotion : A Review and Giveaway

As my regular readers know I am a sucker for body lotion especially ones that will give me a lovely feeling on my skin.

4076 Q Rejuvenate Body Lotion

When I first received the Qsilica Rejuvenate Invigorating Body Lotion I have to say I wasn’t too keen on the packaging as I would choose something pretty (Gizmodad however didn’t mind using it as the packaging wasn’t too feminine) however once I opened it I feel in love with the smell, the lime and lavender hit me first. The smell reminded me of a chocolate lime!

Reading the blurb I couldn’t wait to rub it in as I felt it would leave my skin nice and soft. I was disappointed with the result. My skin smelt gorgeous, felt hydrated and felt really soft. I have been using this cream daily and have really noticed a difference with my skin and I love the fact that it left me feeling energised.

The Claims:

With the goodness of avocado oil, macadamia oil, shea butter and vitamin E, Qsilica REJUVENATE moisturises and nourishes skin. Promoting elasticity, suppleness and hydration, Qsilica REJUVENATE delivers vitamins, essential fatty acids and the mineral silicato give skin a natural glow. The delicate fragrance of lime, lavender and sandalwood refreshes and invigorates.

What I liked:

  • The smell
  • How it left my skin feeling so smooth

What could be better:

  • I felt the packaging was quite masculine for such a lovely smelling body lotion

Qsilica REJUVENATE Invigorating Body Lotion can be purchased at for £19.95

One lucky reader can win Qsilica REJUVENATE Invigorating Body Lotion

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