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Annoying Monsters Aggravating Alfred–A Reveiw

Aggravating Alfred landed on our doorstep for us to review for Halloween.


About Alfred:

Aggravating Alfred loves to scream, the best time to scream in someone’s ear? When they’ve just fallen asleep!

Alfred loves being poked in the eye, Try it, he’ll give you the shock of your life.

Alfred Loves: Slimey Snails

Alfred Hates: All things sweet & nice

When Alfred landed on our doorstep Caitlyn tore him out of the box and played with him straight away. She found it difficult at first to press the swirls in the right place to make him do something but worked it out quite quickly.

We had the shock of our life after we stopped playing with Alfred for a while and he started to snore. When Gizmodad came in he showed us how to record our voices which Caitlyn thought was funny and really enjoyed listening to her voice.

What we like:

  • The bright colours
  • Kept everyone entertained young and old
  • Being able to record

You can purchase Annoying Monsters at Hawkins