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Higher Nature – Aloe Gold Ear Drops – Review

Toby and I are now what you could call frequent swimmers. I have never particularly been a lover of swimming but Toby enjoys it so much that I try to make sure we go at least once a week.

There are a number of reasons I am not a great swimming fan. Firstly, I have the thickest most crazy hair you could imagine, it takes absolutely ages to dry and chlorine seems to make it even more crazy than normal. Secondly, swimming really aggregates my eczema leaving me with sore, dry skin. Thirdly swimming pool water always makes my ears sore and itchy – I don’t get ear infections or anything as dreadful as that but I think what happens is the skin inside my ears gets irritated, I then itch them and they end up being really sore.

I was given the opportunity to try some ear drops from higher nature ( that are supposed to be good for gently cleansing ears and are recommended for swimmers so I thought i’d give them a go. I’m not a great fan of putting things in my ears – it actually makes me heave when people go too near to my ears – my husband thinks it is hilarious to put his fingers in my ears – so trying these ear drops was quite a big deal for me!

Aloe Gold Ear Drops - AGE030

The claims:

Aloe Gold Ear Drops

Aloe vera is kind to the ears and suitable for use in the ear canal. Keep Ear Drops on hand for those with colds and allergies. Safe for any age. Especially suitable for wearers of hearing aids and those who swim frequently, particularly children. Made from 100% organically-grown whole leaf Aloe.

RRP: £11.85 (30 ml).

Available at or freephone 0800 458 4747

I have been using the drops quite regularly now and have found my ears are calmer – they are less itchy day to day and they don’t seem to get as irritated after swimming so they seem to be doing what they claimed.

The drops are made from natural products so I would recommend them to anyone looking for something to soothe their ears. Although these are suitable for children, they are not something I would want to try without reason on Toby. Ears are self cleaning and doctors will tell you not to mess around with them at all.