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Koeka Venice Shawl–A Review and Giveaway by Toby and Daddy (closed)

Toby and his daddy have been loving doing their product reviews during their daily bath time. One of the most difficult thing about bath time is actually getting baby out of the bath when they are a wet wriggly slippery worm! This can be particularly nerve wracking for dads who are nervous about bathing baby (although Toby’s daddy is now a pro!) and so a product that aims to make this part of bathing easier is definitely worth a try!

Koeka Venice Shawl towel - fuschia - product

We were lucky to be sent a Koeka Venice Shawl baby towel. I was interested to try this with Daddy as it seemed like such a sensible invention – if you can reduce baby’s movement by keeping their legs in one place then it should make carrying them easier and I really think the towel was pretty good at making carrying a wet Toby easier.

The claims

Sometimes nature knows best.  With this in mind, the Koeka Venice Shawl Baby Bath Towel borrows one of nature’s best designs – the kangaroo pouch – and translates it into a novel design feature that creates the ultimate cosy and cocooned environment for b a baby to enjoy after their bath and the optimum secure and safe carrying experience for their parents.

The innovative Venice Shawl towel is star shaped with a hooded head and giant kangaroo pocket at the base.  These ingenious twists on the classic baby bath towel give some unique benefits.
Unique product benefits

·         The hooded head ensures that baby’s head – the part of the body that loses most heat – stays warm and protected after a bath

·         The wide star shaped side flaps lie one on top of each other over the baby to create an instant cocoon of cosiness that babies’ relish after their bath

·         While the giant kangaroo pouch ensures that baby can be as snug as a joey with their feet tucked in reassuring warmth and dryness, rather than left dangling outside of the towel to get cold.  The ingenious kangaroo pouch also helps ‘anchor’ baby in a secure position.  This helps younger babies feel secure in their parents arms and helps stop older, stronger babies from wriggle in their parents arms which when wet can be dangerous

What we liked:

  • less movement when baby tightly wrapped so easier to carry
  • also good for swimming when carrying baby from pool to changing room
  • towel had a good absorbency
  • good for nervous dads

Would be even better if:

  • it came in different sizes as Toby fitted perfectly in the head and feet pouches but the wraparound bits weren’t quite big enough to completely cover him and make him warm and snuggly.

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