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April 2011 archive

Cuddledry – A Review by Sara and Toby

I was very excited to receive a Cuddledry towel to review as I had been interested in the product for some time.

Toby loves his bath time which is part of his bedtime routine and it is usually his Daddy who gives him a bath as it means they get to spend some quality time together having fun, singing and splashing around. Toby often gets very excited and turns into a slippery wriggly worm so a towel that helps to get him out of the bath safely seems like an awesome invention. Daddy was also very grateful to have something that might prevent him from getting completely soaked so was willing to give it a go!

The claims:

This unique hooded apron towel makes bath time safe, simple and snug – for you and your baby! Most babies enjoy bath time but for some it can be upsetting making you feel fraught and turning it into a bit of a juggling act! With this original, organic apron towel you stay dry, you can lift your baby from bathwater easily and naturally, he/she stays warm and tenderly wrapped so everyone is happy and calm!


• Apron-style – keeps hands free for bathing and lifting and keeps you dry
• Organic unbleached cotton and natural bamboo fibre
• Silky soft, highly absorbent and fast drying
• Natural antibacterial properties – perfect for sensitive baby skin
• Unique double-layer system with hood – draws water away from baby’s skin and hair
• Long and luxurious – cocoons and cuddles baby quickly dry
• Safe and secure – makes bathing a stress-free, natural, bonding time

The towel we tried had an attractive giraffe print pattern and really was silky soft – much softer than some of Toby’s other baby towels he has. It also seemed to dry him much more quickly than his other towels too. The style of the towel was a little difficult to master as it seemed tricky to get Toby into it and covered without his legs getting caught up – we had a few tries and discovered that it was a bit easier if we wrapped the towel from the side around him and then hooked the head part over him to get him completely covered.

I found the towel very long which is obviously an advantage for covering the baby when wrapped but can be a disadvantage if you are short like me as I did nearly trip over it when it was around my neck!

What we liked:

• Large towel which dries baby quickly
• Super soft material which is gentle on baby’s skin
• Attractive unisex design
• Didn’t have to faff around trying to reach for towel with one hand while supporting baby with the other

What could be better:

• Clearer instructions on how to wrap a larger baby

The Cuddledry towel can be bought directly from the Cuddledry website for £24.99

Runner Beans: Day One

Caitlyn and Gizmodad really enjoy planting seeds, in the past couple of weeks they have grown sunflowers and tomato plants. They do really well on the window sill but as soon as we put them outside they die.

We have been given some runner beans to grow so I am hoping we will do better with these. Caitlyn loves watching the seeds grow so we have put them in a jar and hoping that they grow.

I will keep you posted on their growth and also put pictures up and hopefully we will have some to put into the ground and even grow runner beans!

I don’t know about you but…..

There is a new Meme at Oh Mammy’s blog and thought I’d join in as get gives me an opportunity to vent.

I don’t know about you but I hate it when mums clean up their kids while they are eating or in the middle of messy play. Let them at least finish what they are doing and let them be a little messy as that is the fun of being a child.

Whenever we go to play group I here so many mums tell their kids they can’t do a certain activity because they will get messy! For goodness sake mess can be cleared up!

Here is Caitlyn having fun and getting messy.

Tinga Tinga Tales Plush Giveaway

Caitlyn loves watching Tinga Tinga Tales on Ceebies and I really enjoy watching it as I really enjoy the stories.

Tinga Tinga Tales brings to life tall tales of how your favourite animals came to be the way they are today.

Based upon animal creation stories from all over the African continent, Tinga Tinga Tales brings to life fantastical tales, through stories and music, of how your child’s favourite animals came to be the way they are today. Ever wonder why Flamingo stands on one leg, or why Lion roars? Tinga Tinga Tales may just have the answer.

This giveaway is now closed


For your chance to win a monkey plush just leave me a comment saying you would like to do so.

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The giveaway will close 5th May 2011 and open to UK residents only

Earth Friendly Baby Products

Reviewed by Sara and Toby

Sian kindly gave Toby and I the opportunity to review some organic skincare products from Earth Friendly Baby.

Initially I thought that the organic craze was just a new way of getting parents to spend even more money on their children but I have been converted!

The first product we tried was soothing organic chamomile shampoo and body wash.

The wash retails at £3.99 and can be bought at

What we liked:

• The body wash has a subtle fragrance and produces lots of bubbles. We used it in the bath for Toby and I used it (and still do) as a shower gel for myself. The wash is far less drying on our skin than many other baby washes and other shower gels.

• The body wash has certified organic ingredients and is paraben free.

What could have been better:

• The wash is more expensive than other baby washes but is comparable in price to other organic products

• Comes in a 251ml bottle – a bumper size would be great

The second product we tried was soothing organic chamomile body lotion.

The body lotion retails at £4.99 and can be bought

What we liked:

• The lotion had a nice consistency. Slightly thicker than other baby lotions we have tried. Because it was thicker it seemed to moisturise Toby’s skin well and didn’t need to be reapplied so often.

• A lovely subtle smell which didn’t stop Toby smelling like a baby!

• A useful pump type bottle

What could have been better:

• Can’t really think of any criticisms – we loved it.

Here is Toby enjoying his body wash!

Reasons to be cheerful 1,2,3 – Week 16

Gosh has it been 16 weeks of doing these posts? I have missed a couple but am still cheerful.

Reason 1

This week I have returned to work after 9 months off. I have swapped stores and love it back in my original store, I am much more happy as it doesn’t take me too long to get home and I don’t have to do late shifts. Yay.

Reason 2

Ellie is about to crawl she is doing really well going backwards but is starting to try and go forward ( I just hope she doesn’t do it while I am at work )

Reason 3

Gizmodad is off for 4 days so we can have fun as a family for a few days. I’m looking forward to days in the park and forest with the girls on their trikes.

I think because the sun is out and I can feel the lovely sunshine on my face there is nothing I can be but happy!

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Sweet Junkie Sugar Free Sweets Review

Reviewed By Sara

I love sweeties! Doesn’t everyone? However, don’t we all know that sweets are bad for your teeth? And in some cases bad for your health – particularly if you suffer from diabetes.
So – the sensible solution for sweet lovers would be sugar free sweets! Yay!

I was fortunate enough to receive some sugar free sweet samples to try out and review from sweetjunkie
The scientist in me wanted to know what makes the sweets sweet if it isn’t sugar – and I discovered (from the ingredients listed on the site) that the sweets contain sucralose which is basically a sweetener which is not metabolised by the body – i.e it tastes sweet but doesn’t make you fat!

The sweets arrived while I was out and my husband got home first and then texted me to say “I’m going to eat your sweets!” obviously I replied “no you won’t, you’ll have to wait for me to get home” so I was lucky these survived long enough for me to try!

The sweets I tried are as follows:

Sugar Free – Little Bears

We loved these – you wouldn’t know these were sugar free at all – they were sweet, juicy and chewy just as they should be. Definitely one I would recommend.
If you are wanting your child to try some sugar free sweets then these would appeal to children.
The bears cost £2.38 for 200g or £11.39 for 1kg

Sugar Free – Lemon, Lime and Acid Drops

My husband tried these ones out.
His comments were “hmmm, tasty! And very sweet” He ate a green one and thought it was apple flavour! I told him it must have been lime but he was convinced it was apple – it didn’t smell like apple so I guess the green colour in his mind meant it was apple!
A nice shaped sweet that lasted well and resulted in being crunched away so he could try a different one!
£2.38 for 200g or £11.39 for 1kg

Sugar Free – Mint and Aniseed

I love aniseed but am not too keen on mints so I thought I’d give this one a go. I failed. The flavour was so strong I couldn’t eat the whole sweet. The flavour was lovely just very strong so not one I would choose.
My hubby doesn’t like aniseed so wouldn’t try this one so I took them round to my parent’s house for my Dad to try. He ate the sweet happily and didn’t comment on the strength of the flavour so I am obviously a sweet weakling!
£2.38 for 200g or £11.39 for 1kg

Sugar Free – Aniseed Twists

I tried these ones out – I love aniseed twists. They were good! Smooth and aniseedy, just how they should be. Aniseed is supposed to help with sleeplessness but they didn’t help me – I’ve come to the conclusion my sleeplessness is more to do with my baby who wants feeding every two hours still!
I would recommend these to sweet lovers wanting a sugar free option.
£2.38 for 200g or £11.39 for 1kg

Sugar Free – Lun Jeelers

Now I hadn’t actually heard of these before so I gave them a quick look up on the sweetjunkie site and discovered they are another type of cough sweet.
Now I don’t like cough sweets so gave them a sniff and a lick (they tasted and smelled a little bit like clove) and decided I wasn’t going to eat one. My sister on the other hand said “Oh I quite like cough sweets – I’ll try one” so there was my willing volunteer. She spat it out as she claimed it wasn’t quite what she was expecting. So not a winner for us – an acquired taste I think.

What we liked about the sweets:

• Sugar free so you can eat as many as you like, when you like
• Suitable for eating before bed as don’t end up buzzing from a sugar high
• Good range of sugar free sweets at the site
• Good option for diabetics

What would be even better:

• They’re not quite the same – you don’t get the sugar kick (obviously!)
• There could be a wider range of sweets that would appeal to children as the range consists mainly of hard boiled sweets