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Baby Sensory – A review

This is a guest review from one of my Scrummy Mummies Sara

Toby (4months) and I had the opportunity to attend one of our local baby sensory sessions. I didn’t really know what to expect and was a little worried that an hour long led session might be a bit too much for Toby (and me!). We were pleasantly surprised!

We were welcomed by the group leader Shelley who explained what was going on and made us feel at ease. She had provided an area where we could change the babies if needed and explained that we were free to feed the baby etc as and when needed.

The theme of the session was water. The session was broken into three phases. The first phase was a group session with some singing and signing, some stimulating singing with pom-poms and then some water play. The next twenty minutes were free play where Toby enjoyed playing with toys of different textures and colours etc and I managed to talk to a few of the other parents. The final twenty minutes consisted of some more group activities and songs including an under-the-sea themed experience.

Toby and I really enjoyed the session and Toby was exhausted afterwards so I guess his senses were definitely stimulated! I would be happy to pay £6 a sessions to attend the full course.

At a glance:

What was good:

Fun, friendly and welcoming

A range of short activities so little opportunity to get bored

Lots of ideas for things to do at home with baby

Different sessions for different age babies

Even better if:

Smaller groups – group size quite large (there were 16 babies/parents at the session we attended; Shelley told me the max group size is 20)

Signing was difficult to pick up with little time to practice the signs due to the fast pace of the activities. Would have been good if the signs were gone through a bit more slowly before the songs.