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March 2011 archive

My little Bumgenius

Here in The Scrummy Household we try and use cloth nappies as much as we can.

We were sent 2 Bumgenius V4 One Size Pocket Nappies from to try with Ellie. One was hook and loop fastening and the other with popper fastening.

They come with 2 inserts which is great for overnight wear however we have found one insert will do during the day.

The great thing about these nappies is they are birth to potty nappies which means you just need that nappy for the whole time your baby is in nappies. It is recommend to have at least 10 – 12 nappies in your collection depending how often you wash your nappies.

What we like

Nice and soft
Easy to use
Wash really well
Quick drying
Nice fit with both my girls
Not too bulky
Come in a nice variety of colours

There isn’t anything that we dislike about the Bumgenius V4 One Size Pocket Nappies

Overall I would say these nappies are a great starter nappy and are a very good staple for any cloth stash

My Mothers Day Gift Guide

There are so many different products to choose for your mum for mothers day I thought I would write a small guide with some products that you may not have heard of.

Click on the links to see where you can buy them from and what I like about them.

For the mum who is a traditionalist

The beautiful and yummy Tatty Teddy Chocolates


Greens’s – Cookies with Love

For the mum who enjoys a bit of pampering

Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath and Shower Oil Collection

Pukka Herbs Organic Massage Oil Relax

Black Chicken – Love My Body Oil

e.l.f. make up

Tweezerman Mini Brow Kit

For the mum who likes a little bit of Bling

‘all for eve’ Nail File

For the mum who hates vacuuming

IRobot Roomba

For the mum who likes recording memories

Flip Ultra HD
Personalised calendar or diary

For the mum who wants a bit of fun

Zumba for Xbox Kinect, Wii, Playstation Move
Dirty Dancing West End

Meet my new best friend IRobot Roomba

He is called Jeff in our house and he is my new best friend as he has saved me so much time and gives me more time to play with Caitlyn and Ellie.

IRobot Roomba is a robot vacuum cleaner that you just leave and it will go round your room vacuuming. It is a god send as Ellie is now rolling round the room and picking up the smallest speck so I am having to make sure the floor is spotless.

When I first got Jeff I didn’t think it would be that good as we have 3 cats and a dog so was glad that we were trying out the pet series. I was amazed at how much it picked up.

The biggest test we gave Jeff was when we did a big cleanup and we just left him in the room and was amazed at how well it cleaned the carpets.

What I liked about the IRobot Roomba

You can leave it going while doing something else
You can schedule it to come on when you want it to
Its small enough so it doesn’t get in the way

What I wasn’t so keen on

Doesn’t hold that much

Overall I really liked the IRobot Roomba, it will be on my list for christmas as we will have to save up for it.

The IRobot Roomba starts at £249.99 and is available online and from selected retailers including John Lewis.

‘all for eve’ nail file

I am terrible for biting my nails but the past 2 weeks I haven’t been biting my nails and using my all for eve nail file with a cute heart made from Swarovski crystals which comes in a handy carry case.

What I liked about the nail file

It’s cute little heart ( I do like a little bit of sparkle )
Its the best nail file I have used.
The edges didn’t feel as though they would slice my fingers open like some nail files I have tried.
It appeals to teens through to grandmothers

There wasn’t anything I disliked about the nail file.

‘all for eve’ really appealed to me as ‘all for eve’ is a stand-alone beauty and lifestyle brand and by working together with some of the leading brands in the beauty and lifestyle industry will donate its net profits to The Eve Appeal, a charity that supports women’s cancers.

You can purchase the nail file at Harrods, Fenwick, Fortnum & Mason, Harvey Nichols, Debenhams and John Lewis and selected Boots stores. ‘all for eve’ can also be purchased online through, HQhair, Look Fantastic and Liberty online.

Pukka Herbs Organic Massage Oil Relax

I have been trying out Pukka Herbs Organic Massage Oil Relax

Relax massage oil is uniquely blended by our herbalist to help relieve dry skin, relax tension and help you feel grounded. Relax Massage oil’s creation was guided by Ayurved a, the ancient Indian art of living wisely.


Sesame oil, olive oil, ashwagandha, bala, shatavari, passion flower, bhringaraja, licorice, tulsi, valerian, jasmine flowers
100% organic, ethically sourced, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

What I liked about the oil

Went into my skin really well
Got rid of the tension in my back
Left me feeling very relaxed with lovely soft skin

What I wasn’t so keen on

The smell it was vey herby which was quite over powering
The packaging reminded me of a bottle of cooking oil

I wouldn’t buy the oil as I really didn’t like the smell but I think for some people who are into organic products and who like earthy smells this oil will suit them.

 RRP: £15.95 (200ml) available from

Tweezerman Mini Brow Rescue Kit

Tweezerman Mini Brow Rescue Kit will keep brows looking perfect with this convenient, travel sized brow essentials kit. Fits in any makeup bag or purse for quick touch ups on the go.

I love Tweezerman tweezers, they are so precise and are really easy to get a really good shape from them, the little kit would be great in my hand bag as I am always struggling to find small items.

I would be really happy to receive this kit for mothers day.

The kit costs £24 and is available at

Love Your Body Oil

I was sent this oil to try

Love Your Body Oil for men and women is a natural aromatherapy product made from a combination of twelve remedial oils. The silky smooth concoction with Avocado Oil, Rosehip Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil and essential oils of Sandalwood, Geranium Bourbon, Patchouli, Lavender, Carrot, Ylang Ylang and Nutmeg helps to rehydrate your skin in a chemical free way.

Love Your Body Oil concentrates on one of the main daily routines of many people – applying moisturiser. By providing deep, long-lasting moisture to nourish dehydrated skin, it relieves the drying effects of the elements and prevents the signs of aging in both women and men.

“Many people don’t consider the toxic load found in many lotions they apply daily to their bodies. These can contain chemicals such parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals and fragrant oils. Our body oil is made from 100% natural ingredients so no chemicals are being absorbed into your bloodstream, only natural oils with therapeutic qualities” says Chey Birch, creator of Black Chicken Remedies. Why the name? Chey has used the Legend of the Black Chicken on the packaging and website as an interesting way to remind us that medicine men and women for millenia have relied on nature; our most proven pharmacy.

What I love about the Oil

Gorgeous smell, it’s like having a spa in your own home
Loved the feel of it on my skin
The fact that it can be used by men and women
Not greasy

What I wasn’t so keen on

The name of Black Chicken Remedy until I read about why the brand is called that
The price at first but now I have been using it I think it is worth the price.

Love Your Body Oil is available at at £45.50 for 100ml bottle.

Green’s Cakes – Cookies with Love

I received a box of Cookies with Love to try out to make some lovely heart shaped cookies for mothers day.

I am not the best at baking but Caitlyn loves it and we had never made cookies before so we had a go and really liked the end result.

I added some pink edible glitter on them which I had in the cupboard

What we really liked about the Cookies

Comes with everything you need
Really easy to make
A great activity to do together

What wasn’t so good

They were on the sweet side

Overall we really enjoyed making the cookies and I would be really touched if I received a batch of cookies on mothers day.

I noticed in Wilkinsons that Cookies with Love are on 3 for 2 at the moment.

Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath and Shower Oil Collection

I received these gorgeous looking oils to review for an option for a gift for mothers day. I love aromatherapy and am lucky that one of my sisters is a beautician so we get to have massages quite often.

These oils you use in the bath or shower so the day I got them I couldn’t wait for the evening to have a relaxing bath.

There is an oil to to suit every mum’s mood.

The Relax Oils restore peace and tranquility.

De-Stress can help to clear the mind and ease physical stresses and strains.

Revive invigorates and energies.

Support takes care of your mum in times of need.

The first one I tried was The Relax Deep oil in my bath and I was in heaven. I have been using them on a basis of how I am feeling that day. Yesterday after being woken up at 5.30 am by Caitlyn I used the Revive Morning Oil in my shower and it was fabulous.

What I really like about the oils

The packaging is lovely

Nice sized bottles to try each one

Loved every fragrance

Left my skin feeling soft

There wasn’t anything I didn’t like this product. At £28.50 for 9 3ml bottles they are worth every penny.

You can buy Aromatherapy Associates at
Aromatherapy Associates available at leading hotel and destination spas, worldwide. Retail stockists include Liberty (3rd Floor), Space NK and Fortnum & Mason. Mail order on 020 8569 7030 or purchase online at