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The Monday Morning Review – The Doomoo Seat

We purchased a DooMoo Seat 2 years ago for Caitlyn as I wanted a place where she could sleep nice and comfortably instead of lugging her moses basket up and down the stairs.

The seat comes with two covers, one which has a harness so you can strap your baby in so they don’t fall out, it also has a supportive layer so that your baby doesn’t sink into the seat. It also has a waterproof which is great as if you have any accidents while having nappy free time it doesn’t seep into the seat and is easy to wash.

The second cover is for older children which allows them to sink into the seat so that they can sit how they want to. Both covers are easily changed over by a zip.

Caitlyn had been using the seat for 2 years and it has worn very, we have washed it loads and the colour hasn’t faded. We are now using it for Ellie, she naps on it really well and is content enough laying on it while I am pottering about.

My only niggle about the Doomoo is its price tag (RRP £95) as you can get similar ones for nearly half the price but when I look back and see how much use we have had out of it, it has been worth every penny and I am sure that we will be using it for a few years more yet.