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January 2011 archive

The Monday Morning Review : Fabulous Bakin’ Boys’ new Fruit N’ Oat slices

I got the chance to review the brand new Fruit N’ Oat slices and was pleasantly surprised how nice they were.

They come in 3 different flavours: Apple, Strawberry and Blackcurrant. Each bar contains 1 of your 5 a day. They contain no artificial nasties and are made with a pure fruit base.

When I first heard I was getting some I imagined that they would be like a solid bar that would be a chore to eat. I thought the bars were quite small but they were very filling and very moorish.

Caitlyn had one for her snack and gobbled it up but I think Gizmodad and me ate the most as they were so nice and you didn’t feel that they were as bad as a biscuit as they contained some fruit.

You can find the Fruit N’ Oat slices at ASDA and Sainsburys for £1 as an introductory offer they are normally £1.49.

The Fruit N’ Oat slices are great for your handbag for that snack that you need to reach for, for either yourself or your children. Or if you are being generous share together.

Reasons to be cheerful 1,2,3

Lots of things have made me cheerful this week

1 – Ellie putting her arms out to be picked up.

2- Taking Caitlyn to the cinema for the first time to see Tangled and smiling the whole way through.

3- Someone telling me they enjoy reading my blog

The Monday Morning Review – The Doomoo Seat

We purchased a DooMoo Seat 2 years ago for Caitlyn as I wanted a place where she could sleep nice and comfortably instead of lugging her moses basket up and down the stairs.

The seat comes with two covers, one which has a harness so you can strap your baby in so they don’t fall out, it also has a supportive layer so that your baby doesn’t sink into the seat. It also has a waterproof which is great as if you have any accidents while having nappy free time it doesn’t seep into the seat and is easy to wash.

The second cover is for older children which allows them to sink into the seat so that they can sit how they want to. Both covers are easily changed over by a zip.

Caitlyn had been using the seat for 2 years and it has worn very, we have washed it loads and the colour hasn’t faded. We are now using it for Ellie, she naps on it really well and is content enough laying on it while I am pottering about.

My only niggle about the Doomoo is its price tag (RRP £95) as you can get similar ones for nearly half the price but when I look back and see how much use we have had out of it, it has been worth every penny and I am sure that we will be using it for a few years more yet.

Shy Mummy

When Caitlyn was born I realised I needed to take her to some baby groups but was too shy to meet new parents as I had it in my head that no one would talk to me.

When I used to take her to get weighed I always picked up the leaflets at the local clinic for different groups but never rang up to put my name down.

When our library reopened I happened to go in one day when baby bounce was happening so I joined in a really enjoyed singing nursery rhymes but as soon as it ended I scuttled away.

That summer I went to the local town show and stumbled across our local children centre’s stall. The lady was really friendly and it spurred me on to attend the baby group there. I took Caitlyn that following Wednesday and we have been going ever since. We enjoy the play and stay sessions and love the fun days they hold twice a year.

I also started taking her to the local soft play area where they have a dance class every week which she really enjoyed. She then plays on the soft play area and has fun meeting new children.

When Ellie was born I wanted to start taking her to baby groups straight away, when she was one week old we went to the library for baby bounce where lots of people talked to me  and cooed over Ellie and I take her to play group with Caitlyn. My sister has recently been taking Ellie and her cousin to baby sensory at the children’s centre it is annoying that you can’t take your toddler in the baby sensory groups as it makes it very hard for mums with a newborn and toddler to meet other mums in the same boat.

I have also taken the plunge and have started to organise the local netmum meet ups and have found that people are just as shy as when I was a new mum. I want to meet new friends for myself and for my girls. I will do another post on my meet up to say how it went.

It has taken me a long time to pluck up the courage to talk to other mums and I challenge myself to talk to someone new every week.

Reasons to be cheerful 1,2,3

This week there have been many reasons to be cheerful:-

1- Ellie and her cousin holding hands at baby sensory

2- Caitlyn helping me make bread pudding for her daddy

3- Getting a phone call to say I have won tickets to Ghost Stories in the west end as my husband really wanted to go.

Weight Loss Wednesdays

Week 2

This week I have been using Wii Fit and changing my diet.

I started with the normal games like hula hoop and step. The first time I did the hula hoop game I thought I was going to pass out.

The next day I tried the cycling and jogging game I really enjoyed them especially the cycling one as I had to find all the flags around the course.

The days that I didn’t do Wii Fit I made sure that I went for a walk.

I haven’t been snacking this week and have made sure if I am full I stop eating.

I lost 4lbs this week so I am really pleased.

I am going to be doing more walking this week and am starting a buggy walk class at my local children’s centre.

The Monday Morning Review : The Vtech Storio

We received a Vtech Storio to review and Caitlyn and I have had lots of fun in the process.

Even though Caitlyn is only 2 and its meant to be for 3 plus, Caitlyn seems to be able to navigate her way round it with no problems.

Caitlyn has really enjoyed the toy story 3 cartridge that came with it. She has enjoyed the interaction there is on each page and also enjoys playing the games especially the spelling ones ( which she seems to get right, maybe she is a genius).

At first I wasn’t keen on giving Caitlyn a replacement for a book, but I began to soften to the idea as I can still sit with her and talk about the story.

I think the main draw for Caitlyn is that she feels grown up when using it as she wants to be like Gizmodad and have a hand held reading device.

You are able to download software from the Vtech site on your PC or Mac and then you are can monitor your child’s progress and also download new stories.

Overall I really like the Vtech Storio and recommend it for car journeys especially as it keeps Caitlyn busy, for her night time story I still prefer reading her a book that we can talk about but that may be more because I am old fashioned. Caitlyn loves it and is one of the toys she goes to time and time again.

Ice skating with a toddler

I have been taking Caitlyn to a toddler group which is at the local ice rink. We have half an hour skating and then juice and biscuit in the cafe.

The first time I took her it was just before her 2nd birthday, I was worried that she would be scared and start crying but she took to it really well. She was initially worried about the ice skates but once she was on the ice she was fine.

Caitlyn was given a penguin aid to help her stand up and I went on the ice with her so that I could encourage her to march with the skates.

To start with I pushed her round while she stood on the penguins feet but she soon wanted a go pushing the penguin round herself.

We have now been 6 times and every time she gets more confident and this week she even started to skate by herself from me to the instructor.

I would never have thought of taking a 2 year old skating but Caitlyn has really enjoyed herself at each session and tells me all about  it for days after and gets very excited when we go past the ice rink.

Our toddler group we go to is at Romford Ice Rink and is £5 per toddler which includes a hot drink for the parent and juice and biscuit for the child.

Reasons to be cheerful 1,2,3

I’ve been inspired by reading Mummy from the Heart, and thought I would jump on the band wagon and post what has made me cheerful this week

1- I made the most delicious Lamb Shank dinner this week, it is defiantly the best dish I have ever made.

2- Ellie always looking for Caitlyn, then smiling when she sees her big sister.

3- Caitlyn ice skating with much more confidence

Lots of other things have made me cheerful this week but the above reasons have made me smile the most.

Mid Week Review – Kinect Games

Xbox Kinect Adventures

Gizmodad bought Kinect Adventures for Christmas. We have been playing it most nights. The Ridgeway which is my favourite game is an obstacle course where you have to jump, duck and dive.
The aim is to beat your partner by doing the course as quick as you can while collect coins. I have yet to beat Gizmodad, not for trying though.
The first time we played I thought I was going to die, I knew I was very unfit but thought I would be able to do a bit of jumping.
We have played this with my parents as well and it is a great party game, I think after playing my dad was hooked and he will try and get a Kinect just to play this game.
After playing a few days it gets slightly easier but still brings me out in a sweat.

Xbox Kinect Sports

I haven’t played this game as much as the adventures but had great fun playing bowling with my family.
My favourite game on Kinect Sports is the track and field. You have a go at running, long jump, javelin, discus, and hurdles. Its safe to say I came mostly last but had a surprise with the discus and came first. The hurdles were the funniest to play as I am not too good at combining running and jumping.

Xbox Dance Central

I have been playing this most nights as I have been trying to get better. The first time I played it I was so bad I wanted to give up but Gizmodad kept encouraging me to carry on.
I started with the songs I new and have become quite good at the first song Poker Face. I haven’t yet beaten Gizmodad’s score but am proud of getting close to his score.
Out of all the games I have found this one to be the one that makes me ache, a couple of days in and I found it really worked my waist.

I would recommend all these games but if you were to buy just one I would suggest the Adventures as it is a great game to play with friends and family.