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CBeebies Songtime CD – Review

A Great Stocking Filler

Tomorrow sees the release of the CBeebies Song Time album.
We here at the Scrummy Mummy have had a sneaky peek of the album.
Caitlyn recognised the characters on the cover straight away, it took me a little longer.

We put the cd on and Caitlyn got really excited especially when she heard “Something Special” on track four. Some of the songs are a little different from the theme tune, Gizmodad was upset as the Chuggington theme song was slightly different to that on the television.

When I put the songs onto my itunes library the song names don’t come up straight away but as Gizmodad says that is easily fixed, when I get round to it I will enter the track names in manually.

By far our favourite tunes are Something Special, In the Night Garden, 3rd & Bird and 64 Zoo Lane. All we get in the car is “ Tumble Dad, Tumble”
I will be buying a copy of this for my Nephew as I know he will love it for Christmas and he can also drive his mum and dad mad in the car on their car journeys.

Below is a list of songs included on the cd’s

CD One
ZingZillas – ZingZillas Theme
LazyTown – When We Play In A Band
Postman Pat – SDS Theme Tune
Something Special – Something Special Theme And Hello Song
In the Night Garden… – In the Night Garden Opening Theme
Gigglebiz – Theme
Charlie and Lola – Charlie and Lola Theme Tune
Timmy Time – Title Music
Green Balloon Club – Theme
Waybuloo – Time For Yogo
Big Cook Little Cook – Theme
Guess With Jess – Theme
Tinga Tinga Tales – Theme
3rd & Bird – Theme
Big & Small – Theme
64 Zoo Lane – Theme
dirtgirlworld – Theme
Driver Dan’s Story Train – Theme
Grandpa in my Pocket – Every Day with Grandpa
Numberjacks – Numberjacks ‘Ultimate’ Medley
Nuzzle and Scratch – Theme
Show Me Show Me – Theme
Garth & Bev – Theme
Tweenies – Hey Hey Are You Ready To Play? (Tweenies Theme)
Uki – The Uki Song

CD Two
Bob the Builder – Can We Fix It?
ZingZillas – The Great ZingZilla Band
Space Pirates – Space Pirates Theme
Tweenies – No. 1
Yoko! Jakamoto! Toto! – Theme
Teletubbies – Say “Eh-Oh!” (Club Mix)
Something Special – I Am The Monkey
Balamory – What’s The Story In Balamory?
Chuggington – Honk Your Horns
Alphablocks – Theme
I Can Cook – Theme
Big Barn Farm – Theme
Little Robots – Theme
Tommy Zoom – Theme
Mister Maker – Theme
Kerwhizz – Theme
Lunar Jim – Theme
Tellytales – Tellytales Theme And Jack And The Beanstalk
Zigby – Theme
Wibbly Pig – Theme
Mama Mirabelle – Theme
Finley The Fire Engine – Theme
Me too! – On Bobby’s Buses
Penelope – Theme
In the Night Garden… – Time to go to Sleep