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Goko Cream Review

Calm, Care, Recover, Restore and Soothe with Goko – Skin Recovery in a Tube!

Goko has been hailed as a breakthrough in skincare due to its unique healing capabilities. It contains Centella which in known as the ‘miracle’ herb and combined with Tea Tree Oil, enriches and restores skin back to its natural beauty.

It is fantastic for every day use on dry, dehydrated skin, psoriasis, cuts, bruising, sunburn, skin rashes, insect bites and stings and all other minor skin problems including spots and blemishes and even smelly feet! And the word has already spread up and down the country about its incredible results for eczema sufferers. Goko is suitable for all ages, including children, and for both women and men.

I have been using this cream as my main moisturiser for the past 3 weeks, I even took it into hospital with me when I had baby number two and it was fantastic as a re-hydrator while I was under the air-con 24/7. I have also been using it on baby number one as a cream after a bath and it leaves her skin nice and soft and she loves rubbing it into her hands

I wasn’t keen on the smell to start with as it is quite strong but after a couple of minutes the smell disappears and I am just left with silky soft skin. I didn’t find it too greasy either which i find with a lot of creams that I use.

I like the packaging as it its simple and bold. The cream is also easy  to squirt out which is a bonus when you are trying to do it one handed when you are holding a newborn in the other.

I love this cream and will be recommending it to my family as an all purpose cream that your bathroom shouldn’t be without a tube.