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September 2010 archive

Potty Training

Like all mums I couldn’t decide when to start Caitlyn potty training, quite a lot of people said to me you will know when she is ready, I thought to myself how on earth am I meant to know when she is ready.

We bought a potty for her a couple of months ago and couldn’t believe how many variations there are, do we go for a singing and dancing potty, a character potty or a plain potty? We came up with a compromise of buying a plain potty and sticking her favourite stickers on it it saving us some money.

We always had it on show for her and when she didn’t have a nappy on we would sit her on it. We never pressured her into using it and she thought it was much more fun running around with it.

A month later we started using reusable nappies and found that Caitlyn began to realise when she was wet and started to let us know so when we took her nappy off we let her run around without it and showed her what to do with the potty.

A month after Caitlyn used the potty for the first time and she hasn’t looked back, even when she is playing in the garden she runs in the house to use the potty.

We haven’t mastered number 2’s yet but she is only 21 months so I am not going to pressure her.

We have had a few accidents but then again I’m not worried about that, she finds it difficult to pull her knickers down so I now let her roam free and use huggalugs ( with a T – Shirt. The huggalugs are a godsend as they keep her legs nice and warm and I don’t have to worry about Caitlyn getting upset that she can’t pull her trousers down.

Out and about and over night we are using our reusable nappies but generally they are quite dry.

I am so glad we opted for a basic potty as we have brought a couple now to leave at nanas house and other places we go and she uses them, I was worried she would only use her potty and no others.

I am so glad we waited for Caitlyn to use the potty and not pressure her, I will update on how she’s doing in a months time.